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Baby & Kids Furniture They'll Love

A nursery or children's room should be a safe, fun, and inspiring place for children to play and rest after a long day. With the right kids' furniture in place, you can create a multi-functional place for your children to spend their time. When you choose furnishings designed to grow along with them, the pieces you choose can go from a baby's room to a teen retreat with a little light redecorating.

Choosing the Bed

The bed is the foundation of any bedroom. There are many different styles of children's beds to choose from, with each one having clear benefits.
•  Toddler Bed: This small bed accommodates a crib mattress and makes a great transition for a toddler.
•  Twin Bed: This single bed provides plenty of sleeping space for one without taking up too much room.
•  Full/Queen Bed: Full and queen beds provide more room for the child and make an excellent investment for a bed that will continue to bring comfort throughout their teen years.
•  Loft Bed: When you have a small bedroom, a loft bed can offer a creative storage solution. The bed is elevated, freeing up space below for dressers, desks and other furniture.
•  Bunk Bed: Sharing a room can result in cramped quarters unless you trade in the twin beds for bunk beds that provide twice the sleeping space in half the area.

Adding Storage Pieces

Every child has clothing and toys that need to be stored. Add a few essential storage pieces to your child's bedroom to complete the design.
•  Dressers: The dresser is essential for keeping their growing clothing collections stored and organized.
•  Bookshelves: Every child should have a collection of books to promote reading. Keep their favorites stored on bookshelves that are low enough for them to reach safely. Bookshelves also offer an opportunity to display a few of their favorite collections.
•  Toy Bins: Storage bins, benches, and baskets are a great toy storage solution for a child's bedroom.
•  Armoires: Keep their TV and video game systems tucked away when they aren't in use by storing them in an armoire.

Add Layers of Comfort

Completing your child's bedroom is all about adding a few comfort items. Bean bag chairs provide versatile seating your children can use to read a book, lounge with friends or sit and play their favorite video games. A plush area rug softens the floor and creates an inviting play space. On the bed, add layers of pillows and stuffed animals. With these tips, your child’s bedroom is sure to be a cheerful and playful part of the home.

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