Home Office Furniture

Decorating a Stylish and Functional Home Office

Creating a functional and fashionable home office is easy when you begin with the right home office furnishings and decorate with items that combine style and purpose. The Home Depot carries a wide selection of home office furniture to choose from, making it easy to discover the pieces you need at prices that work within your decorating budget.

Consideration for Choosing Your Desk

The desk is the foundation piece for your home office. Start by thinking about how you need your desk to function for you. Ask yourself how much time you spend at your desk, how much surface area you need and what your storage needs are. Use your answers to these questions to start looking at the:

•  Size: Consider the size of your home office area and take careful note of the dimensions of the desk you purchase to ensure it will fit within the space you designated.

•  Construction: The more frequently you plan on using your desk, the more durably it should be constructed. Take a look at the materials when deciding if the desk will be a lasting choice for decorating your home office.

•  Finish: White desks offer a bright, clean look while wood desks with a cherry or walnut finish make a timeless choice for decorating your home office.

•  Storage: Choose a desk with a combination of drawer and shelf space to store your office supplies, paperwork, notebooks, and other work essentials.

•  Orientation: When you're spending all day at your desk, an L-shaped desk, U-shaped desk, or corner desk may provide the most functionality in the smallest amount of space. For a more refined look, place a computer desk directly behind a writing desk and your chair can easily swivel from one to the other.

•  Cord Management: If you are planning on placing a computer on your desk, look at the integrated cord management solutions of the desk.

Additional Home Office Furnishings

With the desk selected, it is time to layer in additional office furniture. Bookshelves are essential for displaying decorative items and organizing books while filing cabinets provide concealed storage for important documents. Pair your desk with an office chair that completes the design of your room while providing ergonomic comfort. Complete the look with decorative details that will keep you inspired as you work.