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Decorative Paints for Every Kind of Project

Paint has so many uses, and it can give your home a refreshing look. Whether you want to do some decorative wall painting or craft painting, there are various kinds of paints out there for you to choose from. For decorative painting, interior paint is best for giving walls a quick facelift without getting into the expense of repainting them.

Decorative paint comes in various colours, finishes, and textures that will allow you to customize your wall as much as possible. If you're looking for something with a little more colour than white or beige, then craft paint might be what you're looking for. It's designed to be non-toxic but still have great coverage and go on smoothly making it perfect for kids' crafts.

Furniture Paints to Countertop Paints, and Many More

No matter the project, painting is an easy way to give new life and make a room come alive. Decorating with paints has never been easier, thanks to paint companies creating beautiful chalk paint, cabinet paint, chalkboard paint, and furniture paints that are perfect for any task. And since every paint brand is different, use these tips when picking out your next purchase:

The chalk paint will go on white and become aged. Cabinet paint has primer built in, so you don't need another step before applying; also, look for very hardy enamel finishes. Chalkboard or blackboard paints will only be great on light-coloured walls as they can't be painted over; however, furniture paints work well on almost anything.