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Wood, Concrete and Deck Cleaners               

Wooden decks, concrete patios and wooden floors can become very dirty over time, causing them to look worn and tired or even lose their finish completely. The problem with these surfaces is that it takes more than simply wiping or sweeping them with a broom to remove the dirt that has accumulated over time.

You’ll need to use unique cleaning products designed to treat the dirt on these surfaces without damaging the wood or concrete itself like deck cleaners, hardwood floor cleaners, concrete cleaners and other patio cleaners. These three types of cleaning products will help clean your deck and make it look new.

Spruce Up Your Deck and Patio With Our Concrete and Wood Cleaners

Whether it’s your deck or your patio, you want them to look pristine and shiny. But that can be a tall order when you’re dealing with the dirt and grime of daily use. Luckily, we offer wood floor cleaners, deck stain removers and concrete cleaners that are perfect for making your surfaces gleam. With wood cleaners, you can eliminate any mould without worrying about leaving behind harmful chemicals. And with concrete cleaners, you can ensure your patio looks its best all year long - no matter what season it is! You’ll also find our selection of concrete etcher and masonry cleaner products helpful in creating an even more polished surface.

Prepare Your Surfaces Prior to Coating With Masonry and Concrete Cleaners

Concrete and masonry cleaners can help prepare your surfaces prior to coating. The best way to get a clean surface is to use a pressure washer, in combination with a concrete or masonry cleaning product, to blast away all the dirt and grime that’s sticking onto your concrete or masonry surfaces. From there, you will want to use a concrete etcher to prepare the surface for coating.

When it comes to a masonry cleaner or concrete cleaner for decks and patios, you need one that is tough enough to handle your project. So when you’re looking for a wood cleaner or deck cleaner with the right consistency, visit The Home Depot Canada in store or online to find the perfect product to help you get the job done right.