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Interior Stains & Finishes

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Wood Stain by Colour

With lots of wood stain colours available, it’s easy to get the one that will bring your design vision to life. 

Find the Right Stain for Your Project

Oil-based stains and water-based stains add colour and durability to your projects.

Easy Steps to Apply Wood Stain

Use our step-by-step guide so you can handle any DIY stain project.


Smooth out the surface to ensure the best result of your project.


Stir the stain before applying liberally with a brush in the direction of the grain.


Protect your project to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Get Inspired

Update your home with trending wood stains.

Varathane Weathered Wood

Make new wood look old by giving your wood pieces a weathered look. Weathered or distressed wood looks great in any setting from vintage-inspired rooms to more modern spaces.

Don't Forget Your Staining Supplies

Prep your workspace with cleanup supplies, brushes, rags, gloves, stain pads and more before you start your stain project.

Ideas & How-To

Protect with Wood Stains

The natural beauty of wood shines in many interior spaces. Wood stains are typically used to protect natural wood and add a unique colour that blends in with your décor. Wood stains are also used to make repairs when wood pieces show signs of damage or discolouration.

Oil-Based Stains & Water-Based Stains

Wood stains come in a few different varieties. The most common wood stains are oil-based stains and water-based stains. They both have their pros and cons.

Oil-based stains are extra-durable, but they do take longer to dry and can be harder to work with than water-based stains. They also contain VOCs, which require extra care and safety precautions when you’re working with them.

Water-based stains aren’t quite as durable as oil-based varieties, but they do offer protection for your wood pieces. They’re also considerably easier to work with and dry faster, though they may need an additional coat compared to oil-based polyurethanes.

Choose From a Variety of Colours

A variety of different wood stain colours are available too, allowing you to choose the product that works for your décor. They run the gamut from brown and red – which are more natural colours for wood – to modern stain colours like black and gray, so you’ve got ample options at your disposal.

Lacquers, Teak Oil & Wood Conditioners

Wood stains aren’t your only option for helping your new wood pieces shine or bringing older furniture back to life. Lacquers are a great way to add a touch of shine and strength to wood pieces without changing the colour. Wood sealer products can also go on top of many existing wood finishes or natural wood to provide protection. Teak oil can also be used to bring some wood pieces back to life. Teak oil is most commonly used on outdoor furniture pieces that show signs of wear from the elements, but it can be used indoors as well. Wood conditioners can also be used to refresh wood pieces without staining or applying shellacs, lacquer or wood varnish.

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