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Paint Supplies, Tools & Applicators

Paint Supplies and Tools for a Flawless Finish

Giving the inside or outside of your home a fresh coat of paint is easy when you start with the right paint tools and supplies. Getting a professional quality paint finish on your walls or furnishings is all about starting with a quality paint and applying it with the right painting tools and supplies.

Prepare the Walls

Before any paint can be applied, it is essential to prep the walls and the area. Start by dusting the walls and all the trim, including the baseboards. Fill any existing holes with putty and sand the putty flat to match the texture of your wall. Make sure to tape off the area using Gorilla tape or painter’s tape for crisp lines. A few drop cloths will keep your floors and furniture protected from accidental paint splatter.

Select Quality Paint Supplies

Paint rollers are an inexpensive and traditional way to apply paint for a wall. They are available in a wide range of textures and sizes to suit the needs of your space. An angled paint brush will help you cut in along the ceiling, in the corners, and along your baseboards for a crisp result. When you are covering a larger area, consider upgrading to a paint sprayer. This hand tool applies paint in an even, consistent coating free of brush marks.

Add Finishing Touches

After your paint is applied, use a small brush to update the surrounding trim work with a fresh coating as well. When you are done, remove all the drop cloths and painter’s tape, inspecting the results for any imperfections. The occasional drip or splatter can be touched up with a little acetone or cleaning solvents. You will find all the paint supplies and safety gear you need at prices that fit within your decorating budget at The Home Depot.