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Closet Kits & Systems

How to Shop Closet Systems

Getting the perfect closet system for your space is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1 Select a Closet System Starter Kit

Choose your desired look (wood or wire) and fit (narrow, standard, wide).

2 Add Compatible Accessories

Choose between shelves, rods, shoe racks, drawers, doors and more.

3 Finish It Off with Closet Organizers

Choose the right organizer for your clothing and accessories. 

Wood & Wire Closet Systems

Get the look you want and stay on budget.

Why Choose a Wire Closet System?

These easy-to-install wire closet systems are flexible and make a great choice for any closet reno.

Why Choose a Wood Closet System?

Wood closet systems give you a warm, refined look and can be accented with a selection of add-ons and options.

Closet Solution Components

Everything you need to build your own closet system.

Walk-In Closets

Turn any closet or room into your very own dressing area with our selection of walk-in closets.

Accessorize It

Maximize your space with these closet accessories.

Furniture Storage Solutions

No closet? Hang and store clothing and shoes in a dresser, wardrobe or chest or use a clothing rack.

Ideas & How-to

Get inspired to start building your own dream closet.

For anyone looking to optimize their closet space, closet kits and storage systems offer many practical solutions. These versatile closet organizers allow you to create a tailored storage space without the need for a professional installation. Closet organizers are the backbone of an efficient storage system. They typically include a combination of closet shelving, closet rods, and closet organization shelves. With these basic elements, you can customise your closet layout according to your specific needs. 

Closet kits are pre-packaged solutions that often come with a variety of components, including closet organizer with drawers and closet system shelves. These kits are designed to simplify the DIY process, making it easier to achieve an organised closet. Closet system drawers are essential for storing small items like socks, underwear, or accessories. They help keep your closet neat and tidy, allowing you to find what you need quickly.

If you prefer a concealed look, consider adding closet system doors to your setup. They can transform your open shelving into a sleek and organised space. Wire closet systems are a budget-friendly option that offers durability and flexibility. They are easy to install and can be adjusted to accommodate various closet accessories. For a more classic and upscale look, a wood closet system might be the way to go. These systems provide a timeless aesthetic while delivering ample storage options. If you have a walk-in closet, you can create a luxurious and well-organised space using closet organization systems. Incorporate closet shelves, bedroom shelves, and closet accessories to maximise your storage potential.

When tackling your DIY closet project, remember to measure your closet space accurately, plan the layout to suit your needs, and invest in quality closet organizers and components. With the right closet kits and storage systems, you can transform your closet into a functional and visually appealing space that meets your storage requirements.