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Garage Storage & Organization

Organize Your Garage with the Right Cabinets

Install garage cabinets that are durable enough to hold your tools, toys and more.

Shop Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions

Find the right garage storage cabinets to organize your tools, gardening supplies, outdoor toys and more.

Shop Freestanding Shelving Units

Choose between metal, steel, plastic and wire shelving based on your storage needs.

  • Heavy duty weight capacity
  • Rooms: garage, workshop, shed
  • Medium weight capacity
  • Rooms: garage, kitchen, bathroom
  • Light weight capacity
  • Rooms: garage, cold room, basement

Shop Mounted Garage Shelving & Storage Racks

Free up floor space by installing mounted shelving and racks on walls.

Workshop Organization Solutions

Tidy up and organize with storage solutions for workshops of any size.

Shop Husky Garage Cabinets & Storage Systems

Create a convenient space for all your garage items with our great selection of garage storage cabinets, workbenches and more from Husky.

Complete the Project with Garage Add-Ons

Add the finishing touches to your garage organization project.

Find the Right Brand for You

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Next Level Upgrades

Get inspired by these garage upgrades for any budget.

The Family Garage

Maximize your space and get organized with the right garage storage solutions.

The Family Garage

The Pro Garage

Add all the bells and whistles for a decked out garage.

The Pro Garage

The Hybrid Garage

Create a multi-purpose space with versatile items that can be used for any project.

The Hybrid Garage

Build Your Dream Garage

A garage isn’t just for your vehicle. A garage can also be a work space or provide additional storage for both indoor and outdoor items. How you want to utilize your garage is up to you. When you want to turn your dream garage into a reality, visit The Home Depot Canada to get the products and services you need. also has garage storage and organization inspiration guides to help get you started. 

The Family Garage

If you’ve got a family, then you’ve got a lot of stuff! Find the right garage storage cabinets to organize – and hide – seasonal items, toys, tools and more. Add a garage shelving unit or garage storage racks on the walls to store the items you use the most. Maximize your space with the right garage storage solutions so you know where everything is when you need it. 

The Pro Garage

If you want to deck your garage out with all the bells and whistles, The Home Depot Canada has what you need. Garages make excellent work spaces, so you will want good garage tool organization solutions, garage storage cabinets, overhead garage storage racks and garage shelving units that are durable for all of your tools, outdoor power equipment and more. Complete the look by adding a workbench or countertops to work on. Keep everything in your garage tidy and organized so you can spend more time on your projects.

The Hybrid Garage

If you need a multi-purpose space, create a hybrid garage. This garage can be a work space for DIY projects, an art studio or a gym. This garage can store all of your outdoor items, as well as provide extra space for indoors items. This garage can do it all! The Home Depot Canada has the garage storage you need to stay organized and declutter. Use garage shelving units to keep you weights, gym mats and exercise equipment on. Use storage totes to store indoor items like clothing. Install garage storage cabinets to store outdoor season items you use once a year. There’s a garage storage solution for all of your needs.  

Get Organized with Garage Storage

Take control of your garage space with garage organization and storage solutions from The Home Depot Canada. We’ll help you make space for every item in your garage so you can store tools, lawn and garden supplies, outdoor power equipment and outdoor toys more efficiently. Have a place for everything so it’s easily accessible and ready to use. 

Garage Storage Solutions

Store your tools in one of our handy garage storage systems to keep things more organized. Our garage storage cabinets allow you to store items above your workspace and keep them out of the way until you need them. Free up space in your work area with freestanding garage organizers and garage wall cabinets. Mounted garage storage can free up space in your work area by giving you additional storage options that can be installed in multiple locations.

Wall Organization Made Easy

Keep the tools and accessories you use the most at-hand by storing them using our wall storage options. Slat walls, pegboards and wall hooks allow you to remove clutter from your workbench, so it is out of the way but still accessible. Use floating shelves and baskets to create stylish garage storage and to showcase some of your favourite tools. 

Shelving & Racks for Every Item

Installing garage shelving units and garage storage racks in your work area is a great way to add significant storage space for items that would normally be on your desk or workspace. Store your bike out of the way with a new bike rack. Conveniently store your winter and summer tires with a tire rack storage system. Even organize your clothing with a clothes rack.

At the Home Depot Canada, you’ll find garage storage solutions for all of your tools and accessories. Whether it’s utility carts, lockers, moving boxes or storage totes, we’ve got everything you need to organize your garage efficiently, so you can always find what you’re looking for and have the space to work on whatever project comes your way.