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Find the Perfect Tire Storage for Your Garage

The right storage can help make it easier to find your tires, which means less frustration and more time on the road. Here are a few of the best options:

Tire stands are affordable and allow you to see all of your tires from a distance easily. These have the added bonus of working well for rear axles because of the raised height. They also work great for storing different sizes of wheels as they accommodate over ten-inch diameters without an issue.

Wall-mounted tire racks are great for keeping your garage clutter-free as they can be installed on the wall. They take up much less space than a traditional floor-mounted rack and will make it, so you do not need to bend down to access the tires. Tire shelves usually offer more storage space and are typically at a lower cost than wall-mounted racks.

Choosing the right tire rack for your needs will depend on your garage size and preference. You can find a wide variety of racks, including wall-mounted or free-standing racks that are perfect for smaller garages. No matter the space you may have or your budget, you’re sure to find something that will help keep your garage looking neat.