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    Selecting the Right Window Coverings for Your Space

    Window coverings make a stylish statement in your home while helping to control the light, heat, and privacy of your space. With the right information, it is easy to select blinds, curtains or drapes that will meet the specific needs of your space while providing a cohesive look with the rest of your interior decorations. The first step is deciding what type of window covering you want to purchase.

    Blinds and Shades

    Blinds and window shades fit within the window frame, providing a minimal look with incredible light control. There are many styles including vertical blinds, zebra blinds, venetian blinds, roman shades and more. They are constructed from a variety of colours and come in traditional white, black, and wood grain finishes. Blinds can be hung alone or layered under curtains. Door blinds are also a great option for glass doors.  Most blinds and window shades come with all the installation hardware needed for proper hanging. You can also opt for motorized blinds for added convenience.

    Curtains and Drapes

    These are the most traditional options for covering a window. Curtains and drapery provide an opportunity to control light and privacy while adding a bold pattern or fun accent colour to your room. Curtains can be hung in front of blinds or used with a pair of sheers. They hang from decorative curtain rods and come in tab top, rod pocket top, or grommet top styles and can be tied back with curtain tie backs. Short curtain panels are well-suited for kitchens and basement windows, while long panels help to extend the height of your ceiling. Blackout curtains can keep a room dark so you can sleep longer without sunlight waking you.

    Window Films

    This option is a low-cost way to add privacy to a glass door. The film unrolls and adheres to the window, completely refreshing the look of the door. Window films come in a wide array of colours and styles and are easy to cut to size, making it easy to fit a multi-panel design. Window films make an ideal choice for bathroom window coverings and patio door window treatments.

    The Home Depot carries a variety of traditional and modern window coverings to choose from, making it easy to find ones that speak to your design style at a price that fit within your budget. Remember to take careful measurements of your window frame, as well as the height of both your window and your ceiling when making your selection.