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Blinds and Shades

Choosing the right window blinds or shades or patio door blinds or shades is a big part of pulling together the overall style and design for the inside of your home. They not only help block the sunlight which helps keep your energy costs down by naturally cooling your home, but they also create a privacy barrier, stopping people from being able to see inside. There are many styles to choose from, each with their own unique style and look.

Types of Blinds & Shades

Vertical blinds are long and can be turned from left to right to let light in. They’re best suited for bigger or longer windows. Horizontal blinds or Venetian blinds can be opened and closed similarly, but are recommended for shorter, smaller windows.

Blackout shades keep a room dark so you can sleep easier and longer and can help people with different work hours – such as nights – sleep during the day while it’s bright outside.

Roller blinds or Roller shades are made from one piece of fabric and roll up and down to cover your windows. They come in various patterns and designs to fit any style making them a great, affordable choice.

Roman blinds or Roman shades can be raised or lowered by pulling a cord through rings sewn on the back of the fabric. When raised, the fabric stacks in an even horizontal fold. They’re a classic look and a great addition to your home décor.

Motorized blinds or shades can be controlled by the touch of a button without the need to manually lift or pull down. This is a great option for heavier designs.  

Whatever blind or shade style you’re looking for, you’ll find the look you want at The Home Depot Canada.