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    Flooring for Every Room

    Stylish flooring sets the stage for the rest of the space. Selecting something that is durable, chic, and inviting will help to act as a strong foundation for the rest of your decorations and home furnishings.

    Choosing the Right Flooring for Any Space
    With many different types of choosing from which to choose, it is important to understand the needs of the space and to select a product that will meet the needs of that area while providing the overall look you need to tie the room together. When it comes to bathroom flooring and kitchen flooring, the product needs to be resistant to water and messes. In living rooms and bedrooms, comfort is an important factor. Before selecting the right flooring for your area, consider the daily traffic patterns and the way in which the space is used.

    When it comes to softness and comfort, there's no better choice than carpet. Carpet has a way of bringing a cozy and inviting look to a space and comes in countless colours, textures, and patterns.

    Tile flooring is a long-established favorite for use in kitchens and bathrooms because of its durability and resistance to moisture. Tile flooring comes in ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, and natural stone varieties, offering a wide array of looks from which to choose. Tile isn't just for flooring; it also makes a popular choice for bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes.

    Laminate flooring provides the look of hardwood at a fraction of the flooring cost, making it a budget-friendly choice for flooring.

    Nothing says traditional sophistication like hardwood floors. Hardwood floors come in a wide range of colours, finishes, and wood varieties. This is a popular option for hallways, bedrooms, and living room flooring.

    Like laminate, luxury vinyl flooring provides the look of wood, but with an array of other benefits as well. Vinyl flooring is water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and homes with children or pets.

    Garage Flooring for Comfort and Function
    If your garage is your favorite place to unwind and tinker, proper garage flooring will make it a more comfortable place and easier to keep clean. Ribbed, diamond tread, and coin floor coverings are among the most popular garage flooring options. This flooring installs right over your concrete, keeping it protected from oil and other messes.

    Add Soft Style with Area Rugs and Mats
    Area rugs are a great way to add a layer of soft style to hard floors, protect floors in high-traffic areas, and introduce colours and texture to an interior design. The perimeter of the area rug helps to define the edges of a sitting area or living space as well. Place a rug pad under the area rug to help keep it securely in place on the hard floors and prevent the possibility of slipping.

    The Home Depot offers professional installation services for all types of flooring, making it easy to transform the look of a room with new floors. If you are planning to install the new floors yourself, make sure to select proper underlayment, flooring nailers, trim, and accessories to get a clean and professional look.