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    Area rugs and floor mats not only elevate the design and style of your room, but they’re also functional, providing style, comfort and protection for your floors. We’ve got a great selection of rugs, mats and runners for your home in all kinds of colours, styles and shapes.

    The Perfect Selection of Area Rugs

    Finding the right rug for your space is a big part of selecting your home décor. Area rugs, shag rugs and round rugs are all great options for really ex floor mats are a great way to accent your furniture and bring your décor together. Living room rugs and kitchen rugs can provide comfort underfoot while entertaining or cleaning, while bedroom rugs can give you a little bit of extra comfort on your feet before you hop into bed. Large area rugs can be a bold focal point of your home décor while outdoor area rugs can give you a bit of that indoor comfort and style while entertaining on your deck or patio.

    Great Mats for any Application

    Floor mats can be used all around the home. Office chair mats can stop your rolling chair from scratching or scuffing your floors, while door mats or entrance mats can not only be inviting for guests but also stop dirt and debris from being tracked in on shoes and boots. Anti-slip mats can be great for areas that could pose potential danger for falls. Anti-fatigue kitchen mats help you stay on your feet for longer so your usual chores like dishes or cooking don’t hurt your feet. Garage floor mats can also provide comfort and protection for your floors in a more industrial setting. Hallway runner rugs and kitchen runner mats are also great ways to protect your carpets and floors from wear-and-tear in high-traffic areas. If you’ve got a gym or workout area in your home, foam floor tiles, interlocking foam mats and stall mats are all great options for flooring as they’re easy on the feet and easy to install.

    No matter what the room design or style, there is a floor mat or area rug solution that’s perfect for you at The Home Depot Canada.