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Get Added Comfort with Under-Carpet Padding

Adding carpet to your living room, family room, bedroom or lounge space is a great way to make your room feel warmer and more comfortable. Whether you choose durable nylon carpet for rough and tumble family spaces or quality wool carpet for more formal spaces, you need an underlay for carpet to keep it in tip-top shape.

When it comes to under-carpet padding, you have a variety of different choices. For interior spaces where you want a luxurious feel or you’re using a high-quality carpet, a thick carpet underlay is often an ideal choice. These underlay options also provide a soft touch that feels great on your feet, making them a smart buy for bedrooms, family rooms and places where you tend to spend time barefoot.

Thinner carpet pads can also work with a variety of carpet types. These are especially useful in spaces where you don’t want to raise the height of the carpet when running long expanses between rooms. Thinner carpet padding options can also be more cost-effective, though this varies based on the brand and material used.

Yet another option is using a foam under-carpet pad. Also quite cost-effective, foam pads provide a soft feel without breaking the bank. They can also be quite easy to install, which is a big benefit for DIY homeowners.

For spaces like basements and play areas, a waterproof carpet underlay can provide ample protection against major problems like mold and mildew if there’s a spill or other water damage occurs.

Shop The Home Depot online today or visit a store near you to find the right carpet cushion for you. We’ve also got carpet pads and rug pads that are pre-cut, making them extra-easy to put in place in a matter of minutes.