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Popular Carpet Types and Options

When choosing carpet for your home or place of business, you’ve got a wide variety of options to pick from. In high-traffic spaces, low pile carpet and medium pile carpet options provide the most durability. Indoor/outdoor carpet and outdoor carpet made for porches, patios and covered outdoor spaces are also available.

For a softer, more refined interior look, high pile carpet, berber carpet and broadloom carpet bring elegant style to any room. These carpet styles also feel good underfoot, making them an ideal option for living rooms, bedrooms and family rooms.

Carpet Colours and Carpet Textures You’ll Love

The carpet you choose for a room greatly impacts the way that space looks and feels. That’s why we’ve got tons of different colours and textures to match your design needs.

For a neutral look that blends well with your existing décor pieces, consider classic colours like beige carpet or brown carpet. Grey carpet also works well as a neutral colour in more modern rooms.

Patterned carpet can bring a little life to your room and make it feel more exciting while introducing new colours to your look. Textured carpet bridges the gap between single-coloured carpet styles and patterned designs.

Carpet Materials to Choose From

Carpeting comes in tons of materials, but not all of them are right for every space. In more formal spaces and high-end homes, wool carpet is a popular go-to choice. It’s durable and designed to last while providing a familiar, designer-inspired look.

For more durable family-friendly options, nylon carpet, polyester carpet and blended carpet styles are often idea. Olefin carpet in roll or tile form is also a smart pick if you’re looking for something that will stand up to lots of foot traffic, pets and kids.