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Kitchen & Bar Faucets

The Perfect Bar and Kitchen Faucet

Upgrading your faucet in your kitchen or bar area is an inexpensive improvement that can add both convenience and functionality to your space.  Touchless faucets, pull-down faucets and even hot water taps mounted by your kitchen sink can add a touch of style and class to any kitchen or bar. Our kitchen and bar faucets come in a wide variety of colours, styles and finishes to match any design.

Pull-down and Pull-out Faucets

If you’re looking for something other than a traditional kitchen faucet, then perhaps you’re in the market for a pull-out or pull-down kitchen faucet. Rather than having separate knobs for hot and cold water, these modern looking, individual handle faucets allow you to control both the temperature and flow of water with a single lever. They also allow you to reach the less accessible areas of your dishes, pots and pans that you normally wouldn’t be able to get to with a traditional faucet.

Touchless Kitchen Faucets

Reduce the spread of germs and bacteria with a touchless faucet. Touchless kitchen faucets help maintain a healthy place to cook, serve and entertain. They come in a variety of colours and styles, so you’re sure to find one that fits the design of your kitchen or bar, at a price that fits your budget.

Pot Fillers

Have you ever struggled to lift a heavy pot from the sink to the stove after filling it with water? Well you’ll never have to worry about that again with a handy pot filler faucet, which is mounted above your stove and allows you to fill pots right there where you need them. This eliminates the potentially messy transition from sink to stove and saves you from having to struggle to move heavy pots from one location to another – making cooking easier for you and your family.