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Growing Plants with Grow Lights

Show off your inner green thumb by growing all your plants indoors with the help of fluorescent and LED grow lights from Home Depot. Our collection of LED plant lights help you take any dark corner and transform it into the ideal growing environment for a simple houseplant, herb garden, and more. Learn all about fluorescent grow lights and full-spectrum LED grow lights and how they work to simulate sunlight.

Benefits of Plant Grow Lights

When you see professionally decorated rooms, there’s one thing they all have in common: the use of plants. Not only do plants work to clean the air, but they are also a great way to bring a little bit of nature indoors. Using them in every room of your home can help you maintain a healthier and even cleaner house. You can even grow fresh ingredients to use in your cooking, such as herbs and vegetables.

Grow Lights and How They Work

All plants need sunlight to grow, which can make it difficult to grow healthy plants indoors. When you place full spectrum LED grow lights over your plant, it simulates the light from the sun, allowing your plants to thrive. This gives you the freedom to place your plants wherever you want them, regardless of whether there’s a nearby window or skylight.

Types of Indoor Plant Lights

There are two main types of indoor grow lights to choose from:

  • Fluorescent Grow Lights: Fluorescent grow lights are a popular choice for growing plants indoors because they provide the right light needed to grow plants from seedlings or take care of an existing houseplant. Generally, they are more economical than LED lights, but they also use more energy and run slightly hotter than LED lights. As you shop for fluorescent grow lights, you’ll notice that they have a specific rating. T12 lights provide a softer glow, T8 lights are brighter, and T5 lights are strong enough to take the place of two bulbs in a different fixture. As a general rule, the smaller the number, the more light it puts out.
  • LED Grow Lights: As with any LED lights, LED grow lights use just a fraction of the electricity you’ll use with fluorescent grow lights. They also have a longer lifespan, providing more hours of light before you need to change the plant light bulbs. Because they operate at a lower heat, you’ll reduce the chance of burning the plant by keeping your grow lamp too close to the plant.

Getting started using hydroponic plant grow lights is rather easy. To start, evaluate where you have the plant and how much light that plant already receives throughout the day. Keep in mind that because you’re trying to simulate both day and night, it’s important that the light doesn’t stay on all the time. Most plants need at least 6 hours of darkness every day. You can purchase grow light bulbs individually to retrofit an existing light fixture, or you can order complete grow light kits. With so many different products available at Home Depot, it’s easy to discover the best grow lights for plants for your home.