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    Illuminate Your Home

    Brighten each room in your home with the right light bulbs. If energy efficiency is your top priority, try LED light bulbs, CFL bulbs or fluorescent light bulbs that last longer and consume less energy than other options. You could also try halogen light bulbs as they also consume less energy and have longer lifespans than incandescent, but they do get extremely hot and should be kept away from flammable materials. Incandescent light bulbs create a warm glow and are the most economical light bulb available, but they don’t last as long and consume more electricity. The Home Depot Canada offers a wide range of light bulbs of all shapes, sizes, colours and styles for your home.

    Functional & Stylish Light Fixtures

    Lighting is important on both a design and functional level. First off, look for light fixtures that suit your needs and your style. Secondly, choose the right light bulbs for the fixture and aesthetic you’re going for. The Home Depot Canada carries vintage light bulbs (ie. Edison bulbs), pot light bulbs, globe light bulbs, candelabra light bulbs and chandelier light bulbs. You’ll find everything you need all in one place.

    Choose the Right Colour & Temperature

    The Home Depot Canada carries a selection of light bulbs with a wide range of colours and temperatures. Do you need to light up a work space? Use brighter LED light bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs or halogen light bulbs. Do you want ambient lighting for watching television? Use warmer incandescent light bulbs or CFL bulbs. For ultimate control, try Philips Hue smart light bulbs where you can change colour and temperature easily from a handheld device. 

    Outdoor Lighting Adds Curb Appeal & Security

    For extra security at night, choose flood light bulbs to brighten dark corners of your property or motion sensor light bulbs that turn on when movement is detected. To up your curb appeal, choose outdoor light bulbs that help highlight landscaping or architectural points of interest or use as accent lighting along gardens or walkways. The Home Depot Canada has a variety of outdoor light bulbs to choose from.  

    Control Your Lighting with Your Phone

    Smart light bulbs are becoming more and more popular for their versatility and functionality. From your handheld device, you can turn your lights on and off from anywhere and control the brightness and colour. Some smart bulbs can connect to smart home hubs and be controlled by voice command as well. Smart light bulbs are a great addition to any smart home ecosystem. 

    Lighting Information at Your Fingertips

    The Home Depot Canada is an excellent resource for information on which light bulbs and light fixtures to buy for your home. Find the right light bulb, wattage and light bulb colour for your needs and learn about smart light bulbs, outdoor lighting and more. We can help guide you toward the right lighting purchase.