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Select Plants, Trees & Flowers for Your Yard

Want to add lush and colourful gardens to your yard? First, you must make a plan. Take a look at your yard and find which areas get a lot of direct sunlight and which areas are mostly shaded. Do some research to find out which plants will grow well in sunlight versus shade. Each plant will have different sunlight, soil and watering requirements, so choosing the right location is key if you want your plants to thrive. Getting the right equipment from The Home Depot Canada Garden Centre will also set you up for a successful growing season.  


Flowers are typically broken down into two primary categories; annuals and perennials. Annuals are flowers that need to be removed and re-planted every year. Hanging baskets, planters and window boxes are great for planting annuals. You can change up the flowers and colours each year. When springtime hits, order flowers online and pick them up at your local The Home Depot Canada Garden Centre. You can also stock up on soil, pots, gardening tools and more. 


Perennial plants are planted once and continue to come back year after year. They make an excellent base for your gardens because they make wonderful ground cover plants and don’t require annual re-planting. Perennials tend to have a higher price point, but you will only have to buy them once. For best results, water your perennial plants daily and cut them back at the end of the growing season so they can come back healthy the following spring. Order plants online and pick them up at your local The Home Depot Canada Garden Centre. 

Trees, Shrubs & Vines

To complete your landscaping, incorporate plants of varying heights. Trees, shrubs and vines can add colour and texture to your design, adding visual interest to your yard. The Home Depot Canada Garden Centre carries many species of trees for sale and shrubs that you can mix and match with your annual and perennial gardens. If you want beauty, choose tree species that flower, such as magnolias, dogwoods, cherry trees and more. If you want beautiful fall colours, choose birches, maples, hickories and more.