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Grill to Perfection with BBQs & Outdoor Cooking

Who needs takeout when you can grill up a delicious home-grilled dinner right at home? The Home Depot Canada carries a variety of BBQs, BBQ tools and accessories and other outdoor cooking must-haves like pizza ovens to keep you grilling up amazing meals all year long.

Choosing the Right BBQ

Before you buy, do some research on the different types of BBQs so you find exactly what you’re looking for. Each grill has different cooking styles and offer different features. Go the traditional route with a charcoal grill or choose propane, natural gas or electric BBQs for a more convenient option. Want to add a smoky flavour to your meats? Try a wood pellet BBQ. To learn more about the different types of grills, check out our how-to guides online or talk to an associate in-store.

Additional Outdoor Cooking Options

Create the ultimate outdoor kitchen by adding an outdoor fryer or pizza oven beside your BBQ grill. Your family will love mealtime and friends will want to stop by every night when you have an amazing outdoor cooking setup. Cook whole turkeys or chickens in an outdoor fryer for a juicy and crisp taste. Serve up wood-fired homemade pizzas in an outdoor pizza oven that will transport you straight to Italy.Get the Right

BBQ Tools & Accessories

To grill with ease, you’ll need the right BBQ tools and accessories. Make sure to buy a BBQ cover to keep your backyard grill in great shape. Stock up on heavy duty tools like tongs, flippers and grill brushes. Get the right fuel, starters and lighters so you have everything you need on-hand.