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Have More Fun in the Sun With Patio Umbrellas From The Home Depot

Spending time outside on your porch, patio or deck is a must when spring and summer finally come around. From swimming in the pool to grilling with friends, family and neighbors, your backyard is the place to be when the sun is shining.

Of course, too much sun isn’t good for anyone. You don’t have to run indoors to the safety of the air conditioner just because it’s bright out though. With the right outdoor patio umbrella, you can get the sun protection you need to stay out longer. Now all you need is a cold drink in your hand!

Choose the Right Umbrella Design

Patio umbrellas come in a wide range of different styles. While choosing one for your home shouldn’t be too hard, getting one that works best for your space is important. Here are some of the different styles you can find at The Home Depot:

  • Cantilever patio umbrellas. Easily adjustable, a cantilever umbrella can be raised and lowered on its sturdy base to cover lounge chairs, an outdoor dining table or even a space with a hammock. Some cantilevered umbrellas can be permanently installed as well.
  • Offset umbrellas. Designed with the base off to the side, an offset umbrella is a great pick for providing shade to dining tables, seating areas and even pool spaces. Offset umbrella designs are an excellent choice for tight spaces too since the pole and support mechanism can often be positioned away from your usable area.
  • Tilting patio umbrellas. A tilting patio umbrella allows you to change the angle of the canopy to get the sun protection you need quickly and easily. Many quality small patio umbrella designs have a tilting canopy, making them great for portable use.
  • Patio table umbrellas. With a patio table umbrella, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner outdoors even when the sun is at it’s brightest. Look for a design that mount directly to your table or pick up a patio umbrella stand to use instead.

Add Color and Style With a New Outdoor Umbrella

Getting the right pool, patio or deck umbrella starts with choosing the correct style for your space. From there, it’s all about getting the look that takes your outdoor spaces to the next level.

Start by choosing a shape that works for your space. For many café or dining tables, a square patio umbrella is the best shape. For bigger dining tables or to provide sun protection near your pool or lounge space, a rectangular patio umbrella may work wonders. Getting the right shape really depends on the space you’re working with.

With your shape and size in mind, you can begin to look for umbrellas in colorful designs, neutral styles or classic stripes. We even have some prints and patterns if you’re looking to really make a splash.

Shop The Home Depot today to find an assortment of small, medium and large patio umbrellas in a range of different shapes, sizes and designs. From porches to pools, we’ve got the backyard umbrella you need to enjoy your time outside a little more.