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Snow Removal Equipment & Supplies

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Choose the right snowblower for your needs.

Cordless Snowblowers

  • Cost-effective
  • Battery-powered and operated
  • Easy to use with strong performance

Gas Snowblowers

  • Designed for heavy-duty jobs
  • Durable
  • Natural or propane gas

Electric Snowblowers

  • Designed for lightweight snow removal jobs
  • Smaller sizes available
  • Easy maintenance and storage

Electric Snow Shovels

  • Low maintenance and lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Ideal for sidewalks, steps and small driveways

Shop Snowblowers by Stage Type

Get informed on the different stage types before you buy.

Single Stage Gas

  • Designed for solid pavement only
  • Can handle 3-9 inches of light snow
  • Wipes the ground clean leaving very little snow behind

Two-Stage Gas

  • Designed for deep, heavy and wet snow
  • Ideal for clearing snow from a variety of surfaces
  • Equipped with skid shoes.

Snowblower Accessories

Shop the right snow removal accessories, snowblower tire chains to snowblower covers.

Shop Snow Removal Accessories

Clear away snow and ice with ease with the right accessories and equipment.

Shop Snow Melting Supplies

Get the right snow and ice melters like rock salt and ice salt to create safe pathways.

Shop Snow Removal Products at Great Prices

Snow removal can be a difficult task around your home in the dead of winter. Make tough work easier this year with the right snow removal tools from The Home Depot Canada. We’ve got everything from hand tools like snow shovels and ice scrapers to heavy-duty snowblowers available today.

Heavy-Duty Snow Removal Equipment

Big snow storms can leave you stuck in the house. To get out and protect your property from damage, you need high-quality tools that are ready for action. That’s where our heavy-duty equipment comes in handy. A must-have for areas that get heavy snow through the winter, we’ve got an assortment of snow removal machines like snowblowers in our lineup. We’ve got basic at-home models and a range of business-ready machines if you operate a snow clearing business. Need something even more powerful? We’ve got snow plows that can help you clear your whole driveway or yard in no time without even breaking a sweat. Find pro and home models in our lineup today.

Essential Hand Tools for Snow & Ice Removal 

Light snow and small areas to clear don’t always require heavy-duty snow removal essentials like snow plows. Instead, all you’ll need are a few basic items like ice scrapers, snow shovels and snow brushes. Looking for heavy-duty versions of these products you can use on job sites? We’ve got this in-stock and ready to ship to you today. You can also visit a retail store near you to find snow removal tools for winter. Shop now so you’re ready for the next storm that comes your way.

Snow & Ice Removal Supplies

Clear snow like a pro with snow and ice removal supplies from The Home Depot Canada. We’ve got everything you need from basic bags of rock salt to snow melting mats you can use by your front door, back door or garage.

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