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Smart Home

STARLINK Is Now in Canada

Need high-speed internet at your remote cottage? Stream movies, make video calls, game and more from almost anywhere in the world.

Shop Our Weekly Smart Home

Save big each week on smart thermostats, security cameras, door locks and more.

**Delivery fees may apply for select smart-enabled products, including appliances, seasonal, BBQ’s, hot water heaters and more.

Smart Entry & Safety

Smart devices can help make your home safe and secure.

Build a Convenient, Energy Efficient Home

Shop devices to help monitor and manage your energy use.

Smart Electronics

Create an efficient home that works for you with integrated smarthome products.

Newly Launched

Connect to Your Appliance From Your Smartphone

Control your appliances, even when you're away from your home.

Built-in touchscreens let you see inside and control your fridge without opening the door.

Pre-heat your oven using your smartphone.

Remotely monitor your cycle status.

Receive end-of cycle alerts and schedule your laundry remotely.

Adjust the fan speed and timer settings from anywhere.

Monitor the status and temperature of every cooking zone.

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Smart Home Ideas & Tips

How to Install a Wireless Smart Doorbell (Easy and Simple!)

Enhance your security with smart devices. Learn how to install a smart doorbell with our step-by-step guide in a few easy steps.

DIY Home Security Systems with Smart Technology

Protect your home with smart technology. Use our tips and learn more about the different smart home security options available at The Home Depot today.

How to Set Up a Smart Garage Door Opener

Modernize your garage with a Wi-Fi system today. Watch our video and get your smart garage door opener working through your smartphone in just a few steps.

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Smart Home Tips & Devices

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Transform Your House to a Smart Home

Make sure everything in your house works seamlessly and efficiently by adding devices that communicate with your smartphone or tablet. The Home Depot carries a wide range of smart home products to choose from, including light bulbs, thermostats and appliances that make remembering what's in the fridge easier than ever.

Home Automation Products You'll Love

Light Bulbs: Turn on and off the lights in your home, as well as change the colour of the glow by trading out your traditional bulbs for ones you can control from your phone. Smart bulbs often utilize LED lights, making them an energy-efficient choice for your home as well.

Thermostats: Control the temperature throughout the day to ensure comfort when you are home and efficiency when you are away by opting for a smart thermostat, such as those made by NEST. You can even set your daily schedule so the thermostat can adjust the temperature according to home zone.

Security Devices: Smoke detectors, security cameras, smart door pads and doorbells all work together to keep your home secure when you are away and notify you as to who is entering and exiting the property. It is a great way to ensure children arrive home from school on time and when the postal service leaves packages at your door.

Smart Appliances: Even refrigerators are designed to communicate with you when you are away. You can receive texts, watch television and even ask your phone to show you what's in the fridge when you are at the grocery store.

With so many different smart home systems to choose from at prices that fit within your budget, it’s easy to build one that will help your home operate more efficiently. Turn your lights off and arm your security system from bed. With everything working together, you're sure to notice a savings on your electric bill as well.