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Safety Glasses                 

Safety glasses are essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE), protecting the wearer from debris, dust, liquids, heat and projectiles.


Stay Safe at Work with High-Quality Safety Glasses

Glasses fitted with side shields are designed to guard your eyes against various risks and dangers, preventing flying objects from entering and potentially endangering your vision. Polycarbonate side shields are ideal as they offer lightweight materials and superior UV protection.


Anti-fog glasses are also a good choice as they are constructed with durable materials to protect your eyes from dust, debris, and harmful UV rays while staying fog-free, allowing you to see clearly. These glasses are an ideal solution for working in indoor and outdoor humid environments.


Polarized versions filter light and reduce glare, eye strain and fatigue without compromising clarity or performance. Polarization technology blocks horizontal light beams passing through lenses. As a result, it eliminates reflections off reflective surfaces like water, snow or metal that cause glare while protecting from UV rays.


You can even get the Wrap-around variety which feature semicircular frames that wrap snugly around the head to keep debris and other particles out of your eyes - an effective safety feature that has made these glasses extremely popular.


Safety glasses are essential protective gear for many occupations and serve various purposes. We have a vast selection of anti-fog, tinted, polarized & CSA-approved safety glasses at The Home Depot Canada.