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Face Protection: Respirators, Dust Masks & More                           

Face protection, including respirators and dust masks, can help curb disease transmission by trapping droplets and particles expelled during breathing, coughing and sneezing. There are many options available when selecting respirators including both disposable and reusable models.


Stay Safe in Challenging Environments with Respirators and Safety Masks

When performing hazardous work, personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical to safeguard your eyes, nose, and mouth from airborne particles or substances that could lead to illness or injury. Face shields, masks and respirators all provide vital protection.

Respirators are designed to fit tightly against your face to filter the air, trapping droplets and particles you breathe out and any you may inhale so they do not spread to others. Respirators not only protect from airborne particles but can also provide essential protection from. NIOSH-approved respirators such as an N95 mask, surgical N95 or FFP are highly effective.

Dust masks are used as face protection when workers must protect themselves from harmful substances like airborne particles, dust, and fumes. These respirators come in many styles, including filtering, chemical cartridge, half-mask, and full-face varieties. While some models are intended for one-time use (for instance, lead abatement), others offer ongoing protection.

When purchasing a dust mask, look for one that snugly fits against your face without gaps at its edges or nose. This should make wearing them comfortable over extended periods.


Clear Visibility and Maximum Protection with Face Shields

Face shields are an essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE). They protect your eyes and face from blood or other fluid splashes or sprays that may occur, providing added safety in healthcare settings. Grinding face shields can protect from debris and sparks during construction or metal work, making them especially useful.

Face shields, respirators, and dust masks are essential equipment for many professions in various settings. Therefore, getting the best face-protective device for your work environment is vital.