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    Hand Tools

    While using power tools is great for efficiency and ease, there are times when you’ll need to revert to hand tools for more intricate jobs. From axes to hand planers, getting the job done with hand tools takes more time but give you extra control over the finished product. 

    Pliers, Vises and Vise Grips

    When you need to hold something in place or just need that extra bit of torque to unscrew or decouple something, look no further than a good pair of pliers or a sturdy table vise. Clamp something into a table vise and you can work on it without fear of it moving or rotating, allowing you to complete the job more efficiently.

    Carve out the Perfect Finish

    Many objects owe their shape and finish to the chisel, which requires a steady hand to use effectively but can break even hard surfaces and mould things into form. A hammer and chisel are a great addition to any hand tool kit.

    Hand Saws

    A hand saw is a great tool for cutting wood down to size. Coping saws can cut into places that are harder to reach and can really get you incredible results, achieving cuts that power saws wouldn’t be able to.

    A Tool for Every Occasion 

    Whether you’re looking for pliers, screwdrivers, bottle openers or even knives and saws, a good multi-tool can cover you on all bases. They fit in your pocket or tool belt easily and can be invaluable when you’re looking for a quick tool to complete a small job. Having a good multi-tool is crucial to completing any handyman’s tool kit and can save you in a pinch when you need a smaller tool to fit in a hard to reach place .