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    Power Tool Accessories

    Depending on the job at hand, your power tools require a wide variety of accessories to complete certain jobs. At The Home Depot Canada, we’ve got every bit, blade and disc you’ll need to get any job done from brand names that you know and trust.

    The Bits Make The Drill

    Having quality drill bits prepare you for any situation you may encounter. Roberston, Phillips and other bits fit most common screw types and give you the flexibility to tackle any job. Having a set of them on hand makes any job easier. There are even speciality bits for particularly tough jobs, such as concrete drill bits to drill through the hardest surfaces and metal drill bits to penetrate various metal exteriors. Countersink bits allow you to drive in screws a bit deeper than normal so you can cover up the hole and create a flawless façade.


    Router bits can help you during any woodworking project by allowing you to round the corners of your piece to not leave sharp edges, or just to simply add a nice finishing touch. Routers can also be used to cut channels throughout your project for various purposes.

    Dado Blades

    If you even need to cut a slot in wood to join it or insert shelving, then chances are you’ve used a dado blade. These blades are specifically made to stack to different widths and cut through your wood with precision.

    Grinding and Sanding

    Sanding helps you finish off your work while grinding helps you smooth out metal surfaces. You’ll likely run into both instances while completing various projects around your home, and we’ve got the perfect sanding discs and grinding wheels to assist you when you do.