Windows & Hardware

Windows and Hardware

Windows are the centerpiece of the exterior of your home. They provide light and allow fresh air to breeze through and keep you warm in the winter by protecting you from the outside temperatures. The Home Depot Canada has many different styles and shapes of windows to accent your home and all of the hardware you’ll need to ensure they look great and function properly.

The Perfect Window Style

Whatever your design, we’ve got windows that will fit right in. Choose from a variety of styles like casement windows, picture windows, sliding windows and more from top brands in Canada.

So if you’re looking for options for a bay window for that special nook in your home, replacement windows for those damaged over the years or even window wells for your basement you’re in the right place.

Made to Last

Windows are made of many different materials, which helps them last for years. For example, vinyl windows won’t chip or peel and they resist rotting. They’re typically cheaper than other material options yet they provide excellent energy efficiency. Wood windows are warm looking, resistant to extreme temperatures and can be painted to match any décor.

Beauty and Function

While your windows look beautiful, they also help keep harmful UV rays out of your home, which can keep your paint and carpets looking better, longer. Double- and triple-pane windows help reduce outside noise, keeping your interior quiet and undisturbed. Also, argon and krypton gas-filled windows insulate better than air-filled and help keep the inside of your home warmer.

If you are unsure of which window to choose speak to a Home Depot associate or visit our Ideas and How-to page to read our window buying guide.