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Don’t Replace Your Door, Remodel It!

Adding decorative door glass inserts, installed by The Home Depot Canada, can improve your home’s curb appeal, bring in natural light and greet visitors with the perfect first impression. Available in different sizes and styles, there are door inserts available to suit any Front Door or Patio Door.

1/3 the Price of a New Door

Save money by keeping your existing door, while improving the curb appeal of your home. 

1-Hour Installation

A brand-new door installation can take several hours in addition to the post painting of the trim and door. 

Send a Photo for Your Consultation

Email or text a photo of your door and our door consultants will provide door insert options and pricing. 

Glass Door Insert Installation Process

1 Request a Quote

  • Request a consultation online to begin your Glass Door Insert Installation process
  • A Home Depot Installer will give you a call within 48 hours of receiving the request. Please provide a phone number and e-mail address

2 Professional Installation

  • At a pre-scheduled time, the Installer will arrive to deliver your new door glass inserts and complete the installation
  • They will take your existing door(s) and/or sidelights down, install the new glass inserts, re-install the door and dispose of any door components that are no longer needed

3 Follow-Up Inspection

  • Upon completion, your Installer will inspect your newly upgraded exterior doors and confirm that the new door glass inserts have been installed to your satisfaction

Get Inspired

There are many ways you can update your door glass inserts at The Home Depot. 

Why Choose Home Depot
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Guaranteed Installation

Take the hassle out of your next Glass Door Insert Installation. The Home Depot Canada does it all for you with professional, insured installers and guaranteed results, all backed by a 1-year warranty.

Trusted Installers

Trusted Installers 

Our team consists of licensed Home Depot Installers who have passed background checks, so you can be confident in their reputation and the quality of their work.

Flexible Financing

Flexible Financing

We provide flexible financing options that will help you better manage your budget for your home improvement projects with The Home Depot Consumer Card and The Home Depot Project Loan.

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Home Services

Request a FREE in-home consultation with a licensed Home Depot Installer.

Call 1-800-HOME DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), visit a store, or request a consultation online.

Glass Door Insert Installation from The Home Depot

Boost curb appeal, refresh your home’s exterior and shine some light into your front entrance with new door glass inserts for your exterior doors, installed by a trusted Home Depot Installer. Door window inserts are a cost-effective solution for homeowners seeking an exciting new look for their home’s front door, side door or patio door.

Save Time and Money

Purchasing all-new exterior doors can be an appealing but costly solution. Choosing the installation of exterior door glass inserts is a quicker solution, as installers are often able to complete the front door glass insert installation job in an hour. Because it’s both a less labour-and material- intensive job than a full exterior door installation, it saves time and money. It’s an excellent alternative when replacing the whole door is not considered necessary.

Choose Your Style

Door glass inserts are available in a full range of sizes, styles and colours. Ask about decorative door glass inserts or stained glass door inserts. Decide how many door inserts you want installed, or what size. Exterior door glass inserts can be made to run the entire length of the door or serve as decoration for just the top half or quarter.

For More Than Just Doors

Exterior door glass inserts are available for more than just the exterior door itself. Consider upgrading sidelights with similar inserts to match your new front door window inserts or choose glass inserts for just the sidelights. Whichever front door glass insert options you think are best suited for the style of your home or your personal taste, a Home Depot Installer can help with your door glass inserts project.