All figures based on 2023 Canada-wide averages.

About Gas Furnace Installation Services

Trust the professionals and enjoy peace of mind with gas furnace installation from The Home Depot. Request a consultation today and speak with a Home Depot Installer to discuss options and get your project started. Choose Gas Furnace Installation If:

✔  Your home has a natural gas supply

✔  You currently have central air with ductwork (or wish to get it installed)

✔  You want effective, affordable home heating with a lower carbon footprint

Let Us Take Care of Your Gas Furnace Installation

Here’s what you get:

New Gas Furnace and Installation

We’ll help you choose the best gas furnace for your home, then install it for you.

Trusted Brands

We install top-quality gas furnace equipment from tried-and-true brands such as Trane®.

Certified Installers

Professional installation from licensed, trusted and experienced Home Depot Installers.

Top-Rated Efficiency

We install ENERGY STAR®-rated high-efficiency gas furnaces that deliver superior home heating while using as little energy as possible.

Optional Upgrades

Ask your installer about enhancing comfort and saving energy costs by adding a new air filter, humidifier or smart thermostat.

Flexible Financing

Project Loan gives you available credit for up to $50,000, no annual fees. 

Standard Warranty

All installations include 1-year parts and labour coverage, plus available extended options.

How Can I Get A New Gas Furnace Installed?

Get your HVAC Installation & Replacement project started.

Free consultation

1 Free Consultation

  • Book a free, in-home consultation with a Home Depot Installer to review options and get a quote.
Professional installation

2 Professional Installation

  • At a pre-scheduled time, the Installer will deliver and install your new gas furnace.
Follow-Up Inspection

3 Follow-Up Inspection

  • Your Installer will return at a later date to ensure your new HVAC system is working well.

Which Gas Furnaces Do We Install?

Our gas furnace installers are committed to sourcing the right system for your home and budget. Some popular options include: 

Trane S9V2 gas furnace

Trane S9V2


Key Features

  • 96% efficiency (AFUE)
  • Variable-speed blower motor
  • Two-stage heat
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified (select models)
Trane S9X2 gas furnace

Trane S9X2


Key features:

  • 96% efficiency (AFUE)
  • High-efficiency constant torque blower motor
  • Two-stage heat
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified (select models)
Comfortmaker G9MVE gas furnace

Comfortmaker G9MVE


Key features:

  • 96.5% efficiency (AFUE)
  • Variable-speed blower motor
  • Two-stage heat
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified (select models)
Ameristar M952 gas furnace

Ameristar M952


Key features:

  • 95% efficiency (AFUE)
  • Variable speed blower motor
  • Two-stage heat for better temperature control and quieter operation
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified

How Much Does It Cost to Install A Gas Furnace?

Gas furnace installation prices can range between approximately $3,950 and $9,750, with an average price of $5,400 (plus tax) for new equipment plus materials and labour.

The exact cost of your gas furnace installation will depend on a variety of factors unique to your home, such as square footage, exterior climate and energy efficiency needs. During your free consultation, our qualified HVAC Installers will determine a range of gas furnace options best suited to your needs and budget.

Please visit our Gas Furnace Installation Cost Guide, a useful and detailed resource to help you learn more about gas furnace installation costs.

What Size Gas Furnace Do I Need For My Home?

Our experienced Home Depot Installers will assess the unique features of your home – from layout and square footage to number of windows, efficiencly needs, sun exposure and more – to determine the right size gas furnace to install in your home.

Finding the Right System For You

The Home Depot’s gas furnace installers understand that the best equipment for your home isn’t the biggest or most powerful, but rather the one that’s best matched to the unique energy and heating demands of your home.

The following chart gives you an idea of how gas furnace output (in BTU/hr) might match up with a home’s square footage, independent of other determining factors. Please note as well that, as a general rule, the colder the climate you live in, the more BTU your furnace will need in order to heat your home effectively. This means a 2,000 square-foot home in Winnipeg might need a 120,000 BTU gas furnace, while that same house in Vancouver or Victoria might only need one with 60,000 BTU.  

Size of Your Home (Square Feet)

Approximate Gas Furnace Output range (BTU/hr)



















For illustrative purposes only. Figures represent gas furnace output ranges that apply to all regions of Canada. Square footage is one of a range of factors your HVAC Installer will consider when determining the correct size for your new gas furnace.

Why Choose Home Depot

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Guaranteed Results

Ensure year-round comfort for your home. Your new HVAC system is protected by a one-year parts and labour warranty, plus optional extended coverage of up to 10 years.

Trusted Installers

Trusted Installers

Get peace of mind with your new HVAC system. Home Depot Installers are licensed professionals who have passed background checks, so you can be confident in their reputation and the quality of their work.

Flexible Financing

Flexible Financing

We have flexible financing solutions available to help you manage unexpected repairs. Check with an associate or click below for more information.

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Related Services

Gas Furnace Installation from The Home Depot Home Services

Improve comfort and stay warm in your home through the colder months with Gas Furnace Replacement and Installation from a licensed Home Depot Installer. Schedule a free in-home or virtual consultation today and we’ll help you find a high-efficiency gas furnace that meets your needs and budget.

Choose Energy Efficiency

We install high-efficiency gas furnaces, with energy efficiency ratings over 95 per cent AFUE and up. High-efficiency furnaces use the latest technology to ensure most of the fuel burned is converted into usable energy to heat your home. This means you use less gas than with other, less-efficient (and especially older) gas furnace designs. High-efficiency furnace installation ensures you’re getting ENERGY Star®-rated equipment for your home and makes it easier to save on your heating bills without compromising comfort.

The Right Size Gas Furnace

Knowing how to size your equipment correctly is key to ensuring the best performance and efficiency in home heating. Our licensed HVAC professionals will consider your home’s size and layout, local climate, sun exposure and budget to find a gas furnace that is a perfect fit for you and your family.

The Right Products to Match Your Budget

The Home Depot installs gas furnaces from some of the best brands in the business, like Trane®, Ameristar® and Comfortmaker®. With advanced features such as variable-speed blower motors, multiple stages of heat, all are smart-home compatible and purpose-built to keep you comfortable and warm in your home for many years to come.

Get the Job Done Right

With Gas Furnace Installation from The Home Depot Home Services, we’re committed to getting the job done right. Our gas furnace Installers are backed up by a 1-year standard warranty for parts and labour, with multi-year extended warranty options available upon request.