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About Gas Furnace Installation

Trust the professionals and enjoy peace of mind with a high-efficiency gas furnace installation from The Home Depot. Request a FREE, in-home consultation with a Home Depot Installer and get your project started today.

How Do I Choose A New Gas Furnace?

High-efficiency gas furnaces use patented technology to keep your home warm during colder months. Book a free, in-home consultation and our certified Installers will assess your home comfort needs.    

Three things to consider:

1 Brands you can trust

Home Depot Installers carry dependable gas furnace products from top brands, such as Trane, Comfortmaker and Ameristar     

2 Energy efficiency

Gas furnaces from The Home Depot are ENERGY STAR® rated, designed to lower your energy bill. Look for AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings of at least 95%      

3 Two-Stage or Variable-Speed

Having more than one output level means better comfort and efficiency, since the system doesn’t run on full blast all the time    

Browse Gas Furnace Installation Options
Popular models include:

Trane S9V2 gas furnace

Trane S9V2


Key Features

  • 96% efficiency (AFUE)
  • Variable-speed blower motor
  • Two-stage heat
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified (select models)
Trane S9X2 gas furnace

Trane S9X2


Key features:

  • 96% efficiency (AFUE)
  • High-efficiency constant torque blower motor
  • Two-stage heat
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified (select models)
Comfortmaker G9MVE gas furnace

Comfortmaker G9MVE


Key features:

  • 96.5% efficiency (AFUE)
  • Variable-speed blower motor
  • Two-stage heat
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified (select models)
Ameristar M952 gas furnace

Ameristar M952


Key features:

  • 95% efficiency (AFUE)
  • Variable speed blower motor
  • Two-stage heat for better temperature control and quieter operation
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified

How Can I Get A New Gas Furnace Installed?

1 Consultation

Book a free, in-home consultation with a Home Depot Installer to review options and get a quote

2 Installation

At a pre-scheduled time, the Installer will deliver and install your new gas furnace    

3 Final Inspection

The Installer will perform a cleanup, inspect the new system and show you how it works

Ready to get started?
Request a FREE, in-home consultation and let a Home Depot Installer help you with the next steps.

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Gas Furnace Installation from The Home Depot

A gas furnace keeps your home warm, allowing you to stay comfortable through the colder months of the year. High-efficiency gas furnace installation delivers effective, efficient and affordable home comfort. Gas furnaces also circulate air in your home efficiently and quietly all year round, including when heating is not required.

For your next furnace installation, The Home Depot Home Services can help. The Home Depot Installs gas furnace systems from top brands such as Trane®, Ameristar® and Comfortmaker®, each offering a combination of patented heat exchanger and air distribution technologies.

A new, high-efficiency furnace installation can save you energy and money. This is because a high-efficiency gas furnace installation, available with AFUE ratings of 95 per cent or higher, upgrades your home to use less energy while improving comfort. With multi-stage heat output and a variable-speed DC blower motor, your high-efficiency gas furnace is designed not just to use only as much fuel as needed, but also to distribute heat to your entire home as evenly and consistently as possible.

Trust a professional Home Depot Installer for your furnace installation. Request a free, in-home consultation, and a Home Depot Installer will help you find the right gas furnace for your home. Your Installer will also determine whether any additional work is needed, such as new ducts or intake/exhaust piping installation. For additional energy savings and home comfort, ask your installer about add-ons such as a smart thermostat or zoned system, which allow you to control temperatures in your home more precisely than ever before.

After your free consultation, you’ll receive a no-charge gas furnace installation cost estimate, so you can get going on your project right away. Your estimate will include the cost of your new high-efficiency gas furnace, plus standard installation, removal of the existing unit and standard warranty (5 years parts, 1 year labour).