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Overview of the Service

Transform the exterior of your home with virtually maintenance-free fibre cement or vinyl siding. Not only will you increase the value but you`ll provide durability and also achieve a clean, modern look for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

Why should you choose to have it installed by The Home Depot?

Premium exterior siding is easy to maintain and provides a barrier against seasonal changes that are so common in Canada. Trust The Home Depot’s installation professionals to install new fibre cement or vinyl siding, soffit and fascia from Canada’s top brands. We use premium products that come with some of the best warranties in the business. We don’t compromise on quality.

Sit back and rest easy knowing that your siding project will be backed by the world’s largest home improvement retailer. Our experts are all highly skilled and licensed tradespeople trained to deliver quality work that’s guaranteed†† from start to finish. You’ll enjoy the process and revel in a stress-free installation.

You will also enjoy easy and flexible financing options and be able to get your project underway as promptly as possible when you use The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card. Every siding installation will also include a full manufacturer’s and installation warranty backed by The Home Depot.

Why should you install this product?

Premium siding resists dents, scratches and flaking in addition to acting as a first layer of defence to your home. With our selection of fibre cement and vinyl siding, you are able to give your house the fresh look it deserves while increasing your energy efficiency. With an endless array of specialty colours and panel styles, you can give your home character, enhance its curb appeal and have confidence in the quality of your installation.

How to tell if you need a new siding installation

There are several indicators that you need new siding:

Ongoing increase in heating and cooling bills

Cracked and/or peeling siding

Warped and/or buckling siding

Frequent need to repaint siding

Peeling paint and/or loose wallpaper in your home’s interior

Dry rot, insect damage and/or fungus & mould on the surface of siding

Uneven boards and seam separation in siding

Deterioration and aging of siding from years of negligence

Prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions

White streaks on the foundation of your siding (if you have vinyl siding)

Trust that a Home Depot Installation Services Expert can help identify potential problems with your current siding, or assess whether you need proper siding – book a free in-home consultation now!

Fibre Cement and Vinyl Siding: Did you Know…

  • Vinyl siding offers a lifetime guarantee
  • Fiber cement and vinyl siding are maintenance-free
  • Installing new siding provides the opportunity to add insulation to the exterior of your home, thereby boosting your home’s energy efficiency
  • A broad palette of siding colours are available

Frequently Asked Questions

Service Options

Rely on the expertise of The Home Depot’s Installation Services to improve the look, function and feel of your home. Complement your new long-lasting siding with an exterior makeover that will increase energy efficiency and comfort. Ask about our new Roof, Window, Eavestrough, Insulation and Custom Entry Door Installation Services.

3 Steps to Siding Installation

To set-up an appointment for your insulation installation project, call 1-800-HOME DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), or you can request a quote online and within two days we will contact you to book a free in-home consultation.

1 FREE In-Home Consultation

At a pre-scheduled time, an Installation Service Provider will visit your home to discuss the project with you and determine your siding needs and preferences appropriate for your geographic region. They will review colour and panel style samples, and work with you to map out a complete siding system that fits your budget. They will also show you various accessories, including shutters, gable vents, eavestrough batons and downspouts. They will explain the product differences and benefits for both fibre cement and vinyl siding, discuss options such as custom-wrapped window and door casings and vinyl shutters, and they will work with you to map out a complete siding system that fits your budget. During this visit, the consultant will also verify measurements, provide you with a written estimate, answer any questions that you may have and inform you of any prior preparations that are needed.

Prior to your appointment, consider what look you’re after—what colours do you like and what styles appeal—and take a moment to assess the condition of your gutters. If possible, coordinate your in-home consultation to include household members who will help make the siding decisions.

2 Professional Installation

An authorized Home Depot Service Provider will secure and post all permits, and coordinate delivery of all materials to your home. (Take note: Weather may impact the scheduled installation date and length of your project.) During installation, care will be taken to protect areas around your home and landscaping. Old and existing siding will be removed and recycled if possible. You will receive regular updates from your project coordinator, and at all times, the installer will maintain a safe work site and ensure a thorough cleanup.

3 Follow-Up Inspection

Once the project is complete, your Service Provider will arrange for a final inspection of the siding, review proper maintenance procedures and warranty information, and confirm that the project meets with your approval.

Our Guarantee

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Your Results are Guaranteed

Every installer who works for you is experienced, highly skilled, licensed, and back checked. You can be confident that you're getting quality workmanship. Our #1 priority is your satisfaction. We stand behind your project with a guarantee†† as solid as The Home Depot.

Trusted Installers

Trusted Installers

Our team consists of licensed Home Depot Installers who have passed background checks, so you can be confident in their reputation and the quality of their work.

Flexible Financing

Special Financing Available

We provide flexible financing options that will help you better manage your budget for your home improvement projects with The Home Depot Consumer Card and The Home Depot Project Loan.