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Our Plumbers Are Rated


All figures based on 2021 Canada-wide averages.

Need to repair a leaking kitchen faucet, slab leak, or bathtub drainpipes? Find a qualified local plumber you can trust and forget the hassle! Our Leak Repair Service connects you with licensed plumbers who have been background-checked by The Home Depot.

Why Should I Use a Professional Leak Repair Service?

  Save Time and Money

DIY plumbing work requires a lot of tools and materials. Choosing a professional over a DIY approach will save you time and money, especially if your leak repair job wasn’t done right.

  Stress Less – And Get All Potential Leaks Detected

There’s no need to worry about whether you detected and fixed all your leaks around the home. Simply hire a Local Pro and they’ll take care of things for you.

✔  Get Things Fixed

An experienced plumber can take care of multiple repairs in a single visit, whether you want to deal with an outdoor faucet leaking and a leaky hot water heater, or more.

Leak Repair Process

Get your leak repair started!

Shop Plumbing Products and Get Your Repair Started Online

Make your repair easy by purchasing your materials and scheduling an appointment with a Local Pro.

1 Select Product and Service

  • Click “Shop Plumbing Products” below and select “Connect me to Local Pros” on the product page to check availability of Local Pros in your area.

2 Complete Your Purchase

  • Add both product and service to cart. Once you complete your product purchase, we will email you details of up to 3 Local Pros who will call you to discuss your project, provide a quote, and schedule an appointment.

Consult a Local Pro

Need professional advice? Consult a Pro.

1 Complete your request form

  • Enter your contact information and tell us more details about the job you’d like done.

2 View Pros in Your Area

  • After submitting a request, you will be contacted by up to three Local Pros based on your job request. Compare their credentials, ask questions, discuss availability, and obtain a quote.

3 Select a Pro and Schedule Installation

  • Once you’ve decided on the Pro you want - hire the Local Pro that fulfills your criteria.

4 Get Your Job Completed

  • After the job is complete, leave a review to share your experience of how it went, and help fortify our network of great Local Pros.

Why Choose Local Pros

Home Services

Hire From A Network of Pros

Hiring from our network ensures you get your job done by the best of the best, no matter who you end up choosing.

Trusted Installers

Background Checked

All Local Pros are independently background checked, licensed, and experienced for the job.

Flexible Financing

Rated and Reviewed

All Local Pros are trusted professionals who are rated and reviewed by homeowners like you.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

All reviews based on 2021 submissions.

"Chris arrived on time, clearly explained his fee and went to work.  We are very satisfied with the result, a faucet that no longer leaks!"

Location: ON

"Job straight forward, install toilet. When checking install noticed a leak, turned out to be a defect. Was able to repair on the spot. Very appreciative of his attention to excellence and thoroughness."

Location: ON

"Marc-André was excellent, he took care of my plumbing leak quickly and efficiently.  He was very friendly and super polite.  Also, this may not sound like much to some but he made sure to clean up everything afterwards taking any broken pieces of plumbing with him which is huge.  This is not usually the case with technicians so he went above the norm to do an excellent job!"

Location: QC

"First time to use Home Depot fix service and felt satisfied with the quick response and the way it works on local pro suggestion. The plumber contacted me very quick and always polite to communicate the schedule. Plumber is also professional and very nice, immediately to go Bird getting the part when I said I want to replace with a new one. Work was done very quick and my leak of bath drain was fixed with reasonable pay."

Location: NB

"We had a potentially serious leak in the laundry tub taps in the basement. John installed  new taps and also added shut off valves to simplify any future repairs. John contacted me within the time promised and was very thorough, professional and nice. Thanks, John and Home Depot."

Location: ON

"I bought a generic inflow toilet water valve to replace the leaking one.  I checked for installation referral. James sent me an email the next day.  He replied to my emails promptly and arranged on a price for the installation.  He came the following day and every thing was done well.  I will use his services again and recommend him to anyone needs a licensed plumber."

Location: BC

How to Detect Household Plumbing Leaks

Household plumbing leaks can damage your floors and walls while contributing to the growth of unhealthy mould and mildew.

1 Dripping Faucets

  • Constant dripping from your kitchen faucet, toilet tank or shower faucets is both costly and annoying. A licensed plumber can quickly repair any faulty faucets in your home to reduce further waste and save on your monthly water bills.

2 Mould Growth

  • Mould and mildew thrive on humidity. If you notice the appearance of mould on ventilation, floors, walls, or your ceiling where water damage has occurred, there may be a hidden leaking hot water pipe.

3 Musty Odour

  • Even when mould and mildew aren’t visible, you can detect its presence by the musty smell. Rooms with poor ventilation and high humidity are breeding grounds for household mould. A musty odour is a sure sign of water damage.

4 Unexplained Warm Spots

  • When a hidden water pipe in your walls or flooring starts to leak, the heat and moisture can produce warm spots.  Many plumbers use leak detection technology to locate these hidden leaks in the structure of your home.

5 Wall Cracks or Discoloured Wall

  • Dark stains, discolouration, and cracks in your walls or foundation may be a sign of a leaking pipe. As the plaster or concrete continues to absorb water, the resulting expansion produces visible cracks and stains, which can eventually lead to mould and mildew.

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