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10 Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Inexpensive bathroom design ideas that will make an impact. Whether you’re renovating or decorating, our simple and inexpensive updates will help you create the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. Simple yet effective methods like using colour to lift a wall, accessorizing to create tranquility or outfitting with tasteful furnishings can bring your bath to life.

1 Don't Relocate

Don't Relocate

Running new pipes or moving existing ones can really add to your reno cost. If possible, keep toilets, sinks and showers as close to their original location as you can. If you must move something, sinks are generally the cheapest to re-position.

2 Choose a Single Splurge Item

Choose a Single Splurge Item

If you plan your reno around one stunning main focal point, you’ll be able to get away with lower-cost items elsewhere. If you make the mosaic tile on the shower floor the jewel in the crown, for example, use more economical tile on the shower walls. Similarly, if the sink is the showstopper, then choose a lower-cost countertop. For instant wow without construction, replace a basic mirror with a more dramatic, elaborately framed one.

3 Swap Your Vanity

Swap Your Vanity

Your cabinet is one of the main focal points of your bathroom, and replacing an older-looking model with a modern one is a great way to easily update the look of the room. You can also paint a past-its-prime vanity, add new pulls, a sparkling new countertop or new taps, and presto — your bathroom is reborn.

4 Use Contrasting Tiles

Use Contrasting Tiles

A wall — or floor — of inexpensive tile looks rich in two-tone contrasting or complementary shades. You could also go for a bolder look with a tiled stripe that travels around the room just under the ceiling. You could even make it counter-height so it becomes a casual backsplash to accent a simple pedestal sink.

5 Pack a Punch with Paint

Pack a Punch with Paint

Paint is an inexpensive way to add drama. Pick a bold colour — it's especially impactful when giving a small powder room a facelift. Stripes also work here for low-cost, high-impact results.

6 Look For Deals on Faucets

Look For Deals on Faucets

You may love the look of nickel, but chrome offers a similarly modern accent at a much lower cost. Try not to focus on one specific brand either; provided you choose faucets in the same finish, you can  pick from a number of different lines and price points.

7 Accessorize


Stacking white towels is an economical way to get that boutique-hotel look, while pillar candles accented with a few fragrant soaps and fresh-cut flowers lend spa tranquility without the spa price tag. Updating and upgrading low-cost items like towel bars, mirrors and the hardware on drawers and doors can breathe new life into an old bathroom, for a fraction of the cost of a full renovation.

8 Repurpose Living Room and Bedroom Furnishings

Repurpose Living Room and Bedroom Furnishings

Nothing says luxury more than a bathroom outfitted with lounge-like furnishings. So consider a chair and side table in the bathroom. If you're space-challenged, an ottoman or bench with storage inside does double duty and is always a good choice.

9 Build an Above the Door Storage Shelf

Build an Above the Door Storage Shelf

A storage shelf above your bathroom door is ideal for hiding away seldom-used bathroom items (extra towels, toilet paper) or for displays (a shell collection, photographs). Putting this little-used space to use helps free the rest of the bathroom from clutter.

10 Create Budget and Bathroom Friendly Artwork

Create Budget and Bathroom Friendly Artwork

Add your own style to your bath by printing your favourite photographs in black and white, framing them and hanging them in the bathroom. This creative but low-cost project gives you custom, stylish bathroom art that doesn't hurt your wallet.

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