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Composite Decking

Discover a versatile, low maintenance, and durable decking option. Composite Decking will bring style and innovation to your outdoors for years to come.

Composite decking offers the beauty of wood without the drawbacks of potential corroding, splintering or termite damage. This low-maintenance decking option holds up to the temperature extremes of Canadian weather with minimal thermal expansion and contraction, to maximize the stability of each deck board.

Composite Decking

Each composite decking brand offers a variety of colours, shades, patterns, widths and lengths. Although construction techniques differ for composite decking compared to traditional wood decking, composite boards are installed on a pressure-treated lumber sub-structure for a new deck or replacement. This material cuts and drills like wood, and is easy to install.

Composed mainly of either wood flour (a recycled post-industrial material) PVC, or wood fibres and polyethylene, composite decking is smooth to the touch, and barefoot-friendly. Composite decking also provides excellent traction.

Capped composite decking features an extra layer that has been bonded to the board during manufacturing. Capped composite boards also have an additional warranty that covers both stain and fade resistance. It is also more resistant to scratches than wood and regular composite.

Premium resin decking is composed of 100% low-maintenance engineered polymer material, which does not contain any wood fibres or organic material. Resin decking is 100% recyclable and resistant to termites.

Key Benefits

  • High durability
  • No staining or painting required - saves time and money!
  • No risk of rotting, twisting, splintering, cracking, or warping
  • Vast selection of colours
  • Low maintenance: easy to clean & install
  • Mould, rot, and fungal decay resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Warp resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Long life

Colour Selection

At The Home Depot, you will find Veranda and Trex Composites, and Eon Ultra premium resin brands. The following chart indicates our selection of colours for each brand. Colour selection may vary by store.

Veranda Elite


Panama Grey

Brazilian Ash

Veranda Composite Decking




Veranda HP Decking




Trex Select

Pebble Grey

Woodland Brown



Winchester Grey

Trex Transcend

Gravel Path

Vintage Lantern

Fire Pit

Tree House

Rope Swing

Trex Transcend Tropical

Havana Gold

Island Mist

Spiced Rum

Lava Rock

Tiki Torch


Trex Enhance

Clam Shell

Beach Dune

Trex White Fascia

Fascia White




Railings for Composite Decking

Railing systems add elegance and sophistication, and are available in a wide range of colours and styles. Choose from composite, metal or glass materials. Complete the look with rail posts and matching post caps and sleeves.

Composite Decking Accessories

Personalize your deck with post caps, trims, lighting, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages of installing composite decking over traditional wood decking?
  • While composite decking may be a larger investment up front, it will not corrode, splinter, rot or warp, and requires no staining or painting.

Is opting for composite decking an affordable option?
  • The price of a composite deck depends on various factors. While the cost of the actual composite lumber tends to be higher, its high durability, low maintenance, and low-risk qualities make it a more economical choice in the long run. Finally, the costs of the substructure, joist hangers, and fasteners are generally the same price for all lumber materials.

Should I purchase all of my decking materials at one time?
  • It is recommended that all required decking material is purchased at once because manufacturing runs can produce slightly different colours.

how should i transport and store composite decking before installation?
  • Composite decking is flexible. When moving boards, lift from two balanced midpoints. Store on a flat surface, and cover if stored outdoors for an extended period of time before installation.

Can composite decking be used for posts or joists?
  • While composite is tough and durable, it is not intended for use as a load bearing post, joist or other primary load bearing part of a structure.

What should I use to cut composite decking?
  • You can cut composite decking products using the same tools you use to cut pressure-treated wood. A sharp, carbide-tipped saw blade is recommended. When cutting EON, use a mitre saw with a carbide blade that has the fewest number of teeth possible for that size blade. Bring the blade to full speed, then cut through the board quickly to allow for clean cuts.

Do I need special tools to install composite decking?
  • Composite decking products can be cut, drilled, and fastened using conventional tools. For your safety, remember to wear safety glasses and protective clothing.

How do I care for my composite deck?
  • You only need to clean your deck periodically. A soapy mop and a garden hose work well. A low-pressure power washer can also be used.

Does composite decking fade?
  • Uncapped Composite Decking will fade slightly in the first 60-90S. This colour tone shift depends on exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors. Veranda and Trex composite decking comes with a 25-Year Fade & Stain Warranty.

Why choose premium capped composite decking?
  • Premium cap stock composite decking has all the advantages of composite decking, plus a protective outer layer that makes this product even more low-maintenance.