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Prepare the inside of your home for winter, keep warm and use less energy



How to prep your home for winter: interior

Proper maintenance of your home interior including insulation, weather stripping and more will help you keep your home nice and warm this winter.

Stay warm all season

Ensuring your home is properly heated and insulated is a critical step to fall and winter prep.


Quick Tip



Make sure the damper of your chimney is closed when the fire place is not in use to block incoming drafts, and keep warm air from escaping.

3 ways to stay warm this season

3 ways to stay warm this season

1. Add insulation to attics, basement, crawlspaces, or cracks

2. Weather-strip windows and doors to prevent cold air from coming in, and heat escaping

3. Ensure your home is equipped with a proper heating system.

Insulate your home

Proper insulation lowers your energy consumption and creates a comfortable and consistent indoor climate.

How to insulate your basement

An insulated basement makes the space more comfortable, helps keep upper floors warmer and can reduce heating costs by up to 20%.


How to insulate your basement wall

Installing insulation in an unfinished basement will reduce your heating costs and add living space to your home.

How to insulate loose fill insulation

Loose fill insulation is great for insulating an attic or any other small space. Here's how to do it.

Tank vs tankless water heaters

When it comes to heating your home, you can choose between tankless or tank water heaters.


Save energy. Save money.

Fall and winter can take a toll on your energy costs. Learn how to save your home’s energy consumption, and your wallet.


How to Install Door Weatherstripping

Sealing drafty windows and doors with weatherstripping can reduce your annual energy costs and eliminate uncomfortable drafts in your home.

Keep the heat in and the cold out

Here’s how to draft proof your home.

Cozy up by the fire

Nothing beats the comfort of curling up by a fire with a warm beverage when the temperature drops. Electric fireplaces are a great way to add heat while creating a decorative statement in any room.

Heat up your floors

Stay warm underfoot with the luxury of heated flooring.

Let us tackle your fall projects for you!

Our expert installation services professionals can install or tune up your heating, insulation, and more.


How to dress up your fireplace and mantel

See how a designer’s unique use of ornaments, vases, lights and greenery transforms a mantel into a festive holiday focal point.