Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring Buying Guide

The Luxury of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has established itself as an innovative and cost-efficient alternative to solid hardwood flooring. Laminate is not only attractive, but available in a wide range of colours and grains.

It's also more dent and stain-resistant than solid or engineered hardwood flooring, making it the perfect choice for active households with young children or pets.


What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is created when four layers (a bottom layer, fibreboard core, decorative layer and tread layer) are synthesized into one extremely dense surface. Laminate floors are designed to resemble a variety of materials, such as hardwood, stone and tile.

Unlike solid hardwood or engineered hardwood, laminate flooring is rarely comprised of any wood. Instead, it consists of melamine and fibreboard, which makes it extremely durable. Thicker laminates also generally indicate a more durable, comfortable product.


Laminate Flooring: The Advantages

  • Laminate flooring is light, durable and can resemble any number of expensive flooring materials, from hardwood to natural stone.
  • It's easy to install thanks to interlocking pieces that "float" over sub-floors and is moisture-, stain- and scratch-resistant.
  • The versatility of laminate means it can be used in almost any location - on, above or below grade.

Laminate Flooring: At a Glance








Laminate Flooring: The Perfect DIY

On a scale from one to ten, installing laminate flooring requires a skill level of about a four. Most laminates are designed to snap together without glue or nails, and are designed to "float," meaning they are not attached to the subfloor.

Instead, laminates are installed over a thin layer of foam cushioning and held in place by room walls. Laminate planks are also 2-to-3 times wider than the natural materials they resemble, allowing you to cover more area in less time. The simplified interlocking clicking system enables most do-it-yourselfers to install an entire floor in a single afternoon. You can also walk on laminate flooring immediately after installation is complete.

Do-It-Yourself Projects

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Cleaning Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is incredibly durable and stain-resistant. Even difficult spills such as nail polish, grease and mustard will simply wipe clean. Preventative maintenance that includes vacuuming and dry-mopping will keep your laminate floor looking as beautiful as the day it was installed. Avoid broom sweeping, as it may cause laminate flooring to scratch.

To wash your laminate floor, use a no-wax cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. Regular detergents, soaps and wax products can build up on your laminate floor, causing it to look dull over time. Finishing putty that matches your floor is also available for repairing minor damages. In some cases, laminate planks may have to be replaced.