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Interior Paint

Freshen Up With Interior Paint

Refresh your entire space or transform the look and feel of a room with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you choose a deep, dramatic shade or something from a subtler palette, painting is a simple and affordable way to make a big impact in your home.

Choosing the Right Interior Paint for Your Space

Start with the right product to get the best results. Premium paint – which has a higher volume of solid material, binders and pigments – offers a longer-lasting, higher-quality finish than ordinary paint. Water-based paint formulas like latex are preferable to oil-based paints for interior projects. They’re quick-drying, easy to touch up, can be cleaned with soap and water and have a low odour.

How to Choose a Paint Colour

Picking a paint colour depends on several factors, including lighting, furniture, flooring and personal taste. Here are some questions to ask when making your decision:

1) What colour family do I want?

2) Do I want a shade that’s dark and dramatic, light and airy, or something in between?

3) Do I want a bright colour with pop and energy, or a soft, muted shade?

4) Will there be an accent wall or contrast trim?

Tip: Use ColourSmart by BEHRTM in-store or online for instant, personalized colour combinations.

After you’ve narrowed down your colour choices, it’s a good idea to test. Paint samples let you try out your colour selection in a room with minimal investment. Ask in-store for details.

How to Choose a Paint Sheen

Choose a sheen based on the look you want and the amount of traffic in the area you’re painting.

Bedroom with matte paint

This sheen provides a low-lustre appearance that’s great for low- to moderate-traffic areas such as bedrooms and ceilings. It’s also the best at hiding surface imperfections and is easy to touch up. 

Living room with eggshell paint

With a soft and velvety appearance, this popular sheen offers outstanding scrubbability while still hiding imperfections. It’s ideal for any room in your home. 

Bathroom with satin paint

If you’re seeking a pearl-like appearance for moderate to high-traffic areas, this sheen is stain-and fingerprint-resistant and cleans up easily. It’s best for areas regularly exposed to moisture, like washrooms and kitchens. 

Kitchen with semi-gloss paint

A radiant sheen with superior scrubbability, durability and moisture resistance. Ideal for trim, interior shutters, cabinets and moulding, as well as high-moisture areas.

Moulding with hi-gloss paint

With a brilliant shiny appearance, this sheen creates a glass-like finish for trim, moulding, woodwork, cabinets and doors. It’s also highly durable. 

Tip: Higher-gloss finishes are easier to clean than their flat counterparts, but they highlight surface imperfections – especially important to consider if you’re using this sheen on walls.

Zero VOC and Low VOC Paints

The Home Depot carries low- and zero-VOC paints from BEHR® and CIL. These formulas have reduced levels of volatile organic compounds and can improve indoor air quality (versus regular paint) without sacrificing coverage or durability. Bonus: No odour!

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Behr Premium Plus paint and primer in one
A Paint and Primer in One

BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA® is a high-performance paint and primer in one that provides ultimate durability and excellent hide with fewer coats. It features NANOGUARD® technology, which forms a protective shell to resist dirt, scuffs and mildew for a finish that STAYS LOOKING NEW LONGER®.

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Ceiling Paint

How does ceiling paint differ from wall paint? Many formulas minimize splatter and provide more coverage. Find out if your ceiling is sealed or unsealed before deciding on a paint, and check if it can be applied on a new ceiling or one that has already been painted.

Low-sheen is a popular choice for ceilings because it hides imperfections; if you want to use semi- or high-gloss, make sure ceilings are smooth and free of nicks, dents and marks. Low-sheen or flat-finish paint is recommended for textured, popcorn or acoustic ceilings. 

Tip: Painting a textured ceiling? Use a thick-nap paint roller to thoroughly cover bumps and irregularities on the surface.

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Painting Accessories

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Tip: Our Paint Calculator makes it easy to find out how much paint you’ll need for your next project.

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