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Simplify your life with our collection of innovative smart home products.

Smart home technology empowers your home with the tools and products to make it more safe, efficient and convenient than ever before.

Easy to set up and maintain, you'll effortlessly connect to your home’s devices, appliances and products using your smart phone or connected device - giving you remote access from anywhere to the things that matter most.

Start building your smart home using a selection of innovative products from some of our most trusted brands.

Brands You Trust



Create a smarter home, ready to take commands from the palm of your hand.

Automate daily events and access connected items from your smart device, leaving you free to focus on the things that matter most.

Smart products give you the ability to operate features like your garage door, home entrance and power appliances right from your fingertips.


Considering keyless entry to your home?

Enjoy convenience at your fingertips with keyless Bluetooth entry to your home.

Let your garage door welcome you home.

Operate your garage door from anywhere and receive mobile alerts when it opens or closes while you’re away.

Wondering who’s at your door?

Safeguard your household and increase security with wireless cameras.

Peace of mind while you’re away from your home.

Smart smoke and CO detectors alert you when there is an issue—whether you’re home or away.


Enjoy the freedom of a smart home that keeps you notified of any problems, so you worry less and enjoy more.

Check on your kids, make sure your front door is locked or even close your garage door remotely from work.

Keep your home and family safe with our selection of cutting-edge smart home products that allow you to access features of your home from anywhere, at any time.


Always know what's happening.

Monitor household activity remotely from your smart phone or tablet.

Is your room’s temperature just right?

Create the perfect climate in your home from anywhere.

Did you remember to turn off the coffee maker?

Monitor your appliances whether you’re home or away with smart outlets.

Kids forgot their keys?

Protect your household entrance with superior security technology that allows keyless entry using a password.


Conserve and save the smart way by letting your home work for you.

With our innovative smart home products, you can ensure your home is operating at peak performance, saving you money and reducing your environmental footprint.

Smart products allow you to find the optimal setting for your thermostat, dim your lights or even turn your appliances on and off—all to help save time, money and the environment.


Want to control your home’s temperature while you’re away?

Streamline your household heating or cooling system with a smart thermostat.

Want to change the colour of your lighting?

Shape your entire home lighting experience from your smart device.

Forgot to water your lawn?

Create a unique sprinkler schedule that cleverly adjusts to changing weather conditions.

Want to be more efficient with your lighting?

Automate your lighting system to perform during specific periods throughout the day.


Start Building Your Smart Home

By utilizing our selection of cutting-edge smart home products, you can build a smart home room by room, ensuring that every area in your home is optimized for safety, convenience and efficiency.

To make things even easier, use a product like the WINK hub, which allows you to access all of your home automation from one simple app – allowing you to easily control your smart home from anywhere.



Safeguard your home and family with smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide protection that alerts you whether you’re home or away.


Complete control of your home’s climate from your smart device, anywhere, anytime.


Easily set the mood in your home, whether you’re having a movie night, relaxing or reading a book.


Easily control coffee makers, lights or anything that’s plugged into your smart outlets whether you’re home or on the road.


Smart garage door openers let you know when your garage door is open, and allow you to close it from anywhere, giving you peace of mind.


Smart blinds let you control the amount of light let into your home and can be programmed to open and close automatically.


Forgot to lock your doors? Forgot your keys? Smart locks let you lock and unlock doors from anywhere. 


Watch your home while you’re away, see when your kids get home or check on a pet while at work – it’s all possible with smart home monitoring.

What is the WINK Hub?

The WINK Hub is an easy-to-install box that you connect to, allowing you complete control all of your connected smart home products through one simple app. Once you install the hub, just download the app on your smartphone, add your favorite products and you’re ready to go! The WINK Hub teaches your smart products to interact with each other as well. Want your house lights and A/C to turn on when you unlock your door? Check. What your garage door to open when you turn into your driveway? Check. It’s complete control in the palm of your hand – and it’s available for free on both iOS and Android.

The WINK Hub supports most major brands including Nest, Philips, Schlage and Chamberlain, giving you the freedom to choose the products that are right for you, and allowing you to easily integrate them into your smart home system. The WINK Hub supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, Z-Wave and most other communication methods, meaning you’re always connected to your home – anytime, anywhere.


The Philips Hue lighting system is easy to use and can offer you health and wellness benefits by using LightRecipes to help you relax, concentrate and even energize. While the WINK hub works with Philips Hue lights, you’ll need the Philips Hue Bridge to fully customize the Hue lighting experience.

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How can I ensure my Smart Home is secure?
  • Each user can contribute to the security and safety of their own Smart Home. For example, it’s highly recommended that your Wi-Fi password include characters and numbers that cannot be easily guessed. We suggest only sharing passwords with those you trust. Another easy-to-implement security feature is to ensure your phone requires a passcode or fingerprint recognition to unlock.

Are Smart Home products expensive?
  • While Smart Home is cutting edge, it doesn’t need to break the bank. Depending on the Smart Home products you’re interested in, prices can start as low as around $20. If you start with a small assortment of Smart Home products, you can also have an affordable Smart Home.

Do I need to buy all of my Smart Home products at once?
  • No. You can start small and build up overtime. Or, stick with one if it’s all you need.

Why do I need the Wink HUB?
  • The Wink HUB is the smart way to manage your Smart Home products. For one, instead of downloading individual apps for each product on your phone, they can all live within your Wink HUB for a seamless experience. Secondly, the Wink HUB allows your diverse collection of Smart Home products to speak the same wireless language, so that you can easily control them, and customize their interactions, from the Wink app. How is that possible? Each Smart Home product functions with a different protocol - the most common of which include ZigBee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth LE. Imagine a room where people are speaking different languages. Everyone is communicating to someone else, just in a unique way. And when you want to make sense of lots of languages, it can be helpful to have a translator. That's where Smart Home hubs come in. Hubs translate these various languages, or 'protocols,' into a unified language, and relays it to your Smart Home mobile app. This is what enables you to monitor and control products from different brands through a single app, instead of having to download one app for each product.

What if I lose my phone? Can someone have access to my Smart Home apps?
  • First and foremost, we always encourage Smart Home users to protect their smart devices and wireless networks with strong passwords. When it comes to products like Wink, privacy and data security are integral to their configuration. Wink security measures include certificate pinning, encryption, two-factor authentication for all system administrators, and regular security audits. Many of the Smart Home products also come from trusty worthy brands that have long-lasting reputations producing safe and trustworthy products.

Do I need my phone or tablet to control my Smart Home products? What if my phone or tablet breaks or the battery dies?
  • If you are in your home, you can manually control your Smart Home products without internet or your mobile device. In the case of door locks, they use batteries to operate, so you can access the lock manually with your user code or a key. 

Do all Smart Products connect with the Wink app?
  • While not every single product can currently connect with the Wink app, Wink is always working to connect with more and more trustworthy brands.