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Storage and Organization

Storage Solutions to Help Break Free from the Clutter

Ever consider where you'll be storing your new purchases when they're not in use? Don't worry, you're not alone. With a little planning, you'll be able to create an effective storage system inside your home or garage that'll make storing and finding things a breeze. The Home Depot carries a wide selection of storage solutions to help you get organized and create extra storage space at the same time.



Start by adding a closet organizer kit to make the most of your available storage. Closet kits are easy to install and generally include hanging rods, shelving and the necessary hardware for installation. Most closet systems offer expandable rods and shelves to fit different closet widths. Shelves are often times adjustable in height to accommodate storage totes, baskets, cubby systems and shoe racks.


Overcrowding can create chaos in your closet; chances are if you can't see it, then you won't be wearing it. A solution to this age-old problem hangs on three rods instead of one. Since you're limited by the width of the closet, consider making use of all the available vertical space. One hanging rod can be installed at standard height for dresses and long coats, while the other two can be situated one above the other. By installing one rod toward the top and the other in the middle of the closet, you will effectively double the hanging space for shorter garments.

Since hanging space is often prime real estate, add a tie and belt rack to organize smaller wardrobe essentials that would otherwise be in a tangled mess draped over some hangers. There are both fixed and sliding tie and belt racks available; the sliding feature allows for easier access.


Shelves made of wood or other materials provide accessible surface space in your closet - ideal for neatly storing purses, scarves and other small items and accessories. They're also handy for keeping storage boxes off the floor.

For clothing and other linens, wire shelves are a good choice because they allow air to pass through so fabrics can breathe.

Cubby Systems

The classic cubby system is one of the quintessential organizing tools that don both style and function. Some cubby systems can be customized with doors or fabric drawers for increased functionality and a personal touch. Use it inside your closet for sweaters and socks or in any room to showcase your favourite pictures, books or ornaments.

Shoe Storage

Just as your shoes come in all different styles, so do the storage solutions for them.  

  • Stackable shoe shelves have flat storage surfaces and can be stacked from the floor up. Hanging shoe shelves need to be mounted on a wall and are angled downward for better visibility.
  • Shoe boxes come with a lid to keep out dust. They are stackable but often bulkier than other shoe storage alternatives.
  • Shoe racks are generally freestanding; they provide clear visibility and ample storage.
  • Shoe cubbies are perfect for keeping shoes organized in smaller spaces; both freestanding and hanging versions are available.

Totes and Baskets

Multipurpose storage totes and baskets are portable and come in different sizes. They are often stackable and can add texture or a punch of colour to open shelving.


It seems no matter how much you try to pare down, there's seldom enough space to store all the priceless treasures you've collected through the years. If you're looking to gain extra room, but not quite prepared to build a 2-storey addition, the garage could be an immediate solution to overcoming your small-space woes.

For many of us, the garage often serves as a workshop or storage room for collectibles and seasonal equipment. By imposing some structure and organization, your garage could be clutter-free and conveniently accessible. To maximize accessibility, try to keep as many items off the garage floor as possible.

Whether you're looking for pre-structured garage storage or storage devices that can be easily reconfigured as your needs change, you'll find your storage solution at The Home Depot.

Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets offer instant structured spaces for keeping small to mid-sized objects and are available in a range of sizes. Cabinets may feature shelves and/or drawers and come in both freestanding and wallmount models that can be installed at any desired height.

Rolling Island

Rolling islands combine the work surface of a workbench, the storage capability of a cabinet and the mobility of a tool chest.


Smaller hooks can be used to hang tools and cords, while larger hooks can support bikes and equipment. They're typically constructed from metal with a vinyl coated covering.


Racks may be configured to hold specific items or for more general purpose use. Racks designed to hold sports equipment can keep skis, bats, balls, cleats and more all in one spot.


Freestanding and wall-mounted shelves function similarly to cabinets and workbenches to store a range of items while keeping contents visible.

Slat Wall Panels

Slat wall panels are designed for easy installation on drywall and studs. The grooves in these wall panels are made for hanging hooks, shelves and baskets. Slat wall panels allow for easy reconfiguration of these storage devices.

Totes and Baskets

Totes are generally stackable and include lids to protect contents from dust and moisture. They're great for storing toys, seasonal decorations, camping gear and more. Wire baskets are durable and can be mounted directly on the wall or slide into slat wall panels..


With two large machines and a tub monopolizing your laundry room floor, some well-placed organization will help eliminate the obstacle course surrounding your washer and dryer.

Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets and Countertops

A wall cabinet installed above the washer and dryer is ideal storage for this room as it utilizes otherwise unused wall space and keeps items out of reach of young children and pets.

If you have a front-load laundry pair with front control panels, consider installing a base cabinet beside the duo and extending the countertop over both machines to increase storage and create a large surface for sorting, treating and folding.

No space for a cabinet, not a problem. The Home Depot carries work surfaces that are made specifically to be installed over your front-load/front-control laundry pair. These convenient work surfaces have recessed compartments to provide storage space for dryer sheets and other laundry supplies.

Shelves, Drying Racks and Hampers

Multi-purpose shelves can be installed at any height to maximize accessibility and help keep the floor clear of supplies. Wall-mount or freestanding drying racks are convenient for hang-to-dry pieces, and many models collapse for flat storage when not in use.

Other accessories like hampers and washer/dryer pedestals with drawers also help keep the laundry room clutter-free.


Whether your motivation is one of environmental awareness or delicate fabric care, hang-drying space is a must-have. Speed up drying times by heading outdoors and taking advantage of warm weather. Heavy-duty clothesline kits are meant for outdoor use and offer ample drying room. Retractable clotheslines can provide a temporary or permanent drying space — an ideal solution for balconies and modest laundry rooms.


Here are some outside-the-box storage ideas for around the home — let your imagination be your guide.

Kitchen & Bath Cabinets

Cabinets traditionally found in the kitchen or bathroom could serve as great storage solutions in just about any room in your house. Base cabinets with drawers could double as a dresser with toy storage in a child's bedroom or playroom, while wall cabinets can be hung in the family room for CD/DVD storage or in the rec room for general storage.


Not only do ottomans enhance your lounging experience, some have built-in storage that is ideal for modest quarters. In a bedroom, the multitasking storage ottoman could hold extra blankets and pillows. In a living room, it could be used to store board games for family game night.

Understair Shelving

The area under the staircase is often wasted space, add some shelving and turn it into a bookcase. It's a great place to store magazines and catalogues.

Storage Totes and Boxes

Underbed storage totes conveniently tuck away and are perfect for storing off-season clothing and occasional-use items like wrapping paper. Their low profile also makes them ideal for above-cabinet storage for rarely used culinary gadgets or arts and crafts supplies.

Clear plastic totes of all sizes make for easy viewing and stacking of stored objects like shoes, stationary and tools. Cardboard boxes and packing paper are great for both moving and storage purposes.

Wall Niche

A wall niche is the ultimate built-in storage solution. Since powder rooms often lack the space to store spare toiletries, take the space from right inside the wall. You can also add a pop-out door to camouflage this niche.