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Window Coverings

Wonderful Window Coverings

Window coverings do more than offer privacy. They frame your view, provide shade and have a remarkable impact on your home décor.

Whether you're looking for elegant Roman shades, wood blinds, or luxurious drapes and curtains, The Home Depot has everything to dress your windows exactly the way you want.


Horizontal Window Blinds

Horizontal blinds blend style and function. They can be raised and lowered, partially or completely, and have horizontal slats that can be left open to let in light, closed to block light, or angled to direct light to the ceiling or floor, allowing for partial light and privacy. Horizontal blinds can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood or metal, and include mini-blinds. Horizontal blinds generally have slats up to 2-1/2" wide. Choose between a lift cord, wand tilt, or cordless lift system to operate your blinds.




Clean design and smooth panels provide a modern, yet timeless appearance. Adjustable rails and louvers offer ability to regulate or block light for changing privacy levels. The solid construction offers good strength and durability and is easy to clean and maintain with occasional dusting.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds lend a rich, warming touch to any room, and complement other wood furnishings and tones in your home. Wood blinds are natural insulators against cold and heat, and help keep rooms more comfortable during the winter and summer. Light dusting and periodic cleaning with a wood preservative helps protect the finish and enhance luster.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds offer the same modern touch as wood blinds, but are resistant to moisture and warping, making them ideal for rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens or bathrooms. Faux wood blinds come in a variety of colours and stains to mimic the look of real wood at a lower price point. Similar to wood blinds, light dusting and periodic cleaning with wood preservatives is required to protect the finish.

Metal Blinds

Metal blinds combine quality and value for a refined, contemporary look. Metal blinds are generally made from aluminium, which is easily wiped clean for fast and simple maintenance. Metal blinds are available in an array of colours, and provide a neat, clean appearance to any room. Metal blinds also form a tight seal when closed that is excellent at blocking outside light and providing privacy.


Mini-Blinds have very narrow slats (1" wide or less) that shut out more light, when closed, compared to standard-width horizontal blinds. Mini-blinds are usually made from aluminium or vinyl, and are a more economical choice for smaller windows compared to other types of window coverings. Because of their small size, they are relatively easy to clean and install.


Visit The Home Depot store nearest you for a wide selection of in-stock and Special Order window coverings.


Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are ideal for large windows and doors (such as patio doors), but can be used anywhere as an alternative to curtains or drapes. Vertical blinds have wide slats (up to 4" wide) that can be angled or closed to control light and privacy.

By using a draw string, vertical blinds can open to stack at one side of a window opening, or have a centre split to stack at each side. Vertical blinds are available in a variety of materials, including real wood, faux wood or plastic, to translucent fabrics that block less light. Vertical blinds made of fabric may also have weights sewn into the bottom of each blind to keep them straight and orderly.


Window Shades

Window shades are available in countless designs and colours to help you put the finishing touches on any room. No matter what décor style you've chosen, The Home Depot can help you find the proper window shade to fit right in. Most window shades operate with a lift cord or cordless lift system.


Cellular Shades

Cellular shades (also called honeycomb) are made of two or more layers of folded fabric that deliver strong protection against UV light, and superb insulation against heat and cold. Cellular shades have a clean appearance and are available in multiple opacity levels for different privacy options. They are also available in vertical applications for larger windows and patio doors. Shades are made of a strong anti-static fabric that repels dust and dirt, but they may still require light feather dusting or gentle wiping with a damp cloth.

Roman Shades

Roman shades combine beauty and privacy for a luxurious look. Common designs for Roman shades include a looped style, which features soft, overlapping folds that create a cascading effect, or a flat style for a clean, classic look. Roman shades are available in a variety of textures and fabrics, from luxurious silks to blackout vinyl. Conveniently, Roman shades can be machine washed and ironed if necessary.

Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades bring the feeling of nature indoors. These shades can be made from bamboo, rattan, sisal and jute grasses, and other faux woven wood patterns. Woven wood shades are available in a variety of colours and textures, from open weaves that gently filter light, to tight weaves that offer maximum privacy. They are also available as flat style Roman shades with a single overlapping fold.

Roller Shades

Roller shades, a classic traditional window treatment, come in a wide array of fabric and styles, from translucent fabrics, to opaque polyesters. Roller shades come with a variety of hem and trim options, and can simply be pulled by hand to adjust light and privacy levels. They are an economical window covering that complements any décor, and require minimal maintenance.

Pleated Shades

Pleated shades are economical and a good mix of fashion and function. Basic pleated shades are made of a single layer of folded paper (or fabric) that filter light and provide privacy when drawn closed. Pleated shades are a soft alternative to traditional blinds and shades, and are available in many configurations, including styles for round and arched windows. Pleated shades made from 100% polyester are also suitable for rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Solar Shades

Solar shades control heat and limit the sun's excessive glare, but at the same time, preserve your view of the outdoors. Solar shades are an innovative alternative to traditional roller shades, helping filter ultraviolet rays, but allowing natural light to enter rooms while maintaining an unobstructed view of the outside. Solar shades make any room a more comfortable environment, and are also available as sliding panels for larger doors and windows.

Window Curtains

Window curtains are made of lightweight fabric that are generally suspended from a rod by either tabs or rings. Alone, window curtains are not fully ideal for regulating light and privacy; they tend to be more decorative, adding style and colour to rooms. Window curtains are available in a variety of materials, from lace and printed sheers, to more opaque fabrics. They can be floor-length, or just long enough to cover a window casing, and are usually opened and closed by hand.


Window Drapery

Window drapes generally hang to touch room floors, are sewn with heavier fabric that block more light and give more privacy when closed. They are often lined and attached by hooks to a drapery rod, with a cord behind either drapery panel to draw both drapes open or closed. Window drapes are also pleated and offer a much fuller, richer look, and take up more space when drawn open. As a result, if your window (or door) opening has limited wall space surrounding it, you may want to consider curtains, which can take up less room when opened.



Window Valances and Cornices


Valances and cornices provide a finishing touch to your home décor, and give your window treatment a complete, coordinated appearance. Valances are generally soft, short curtains or draperies, or fabric covered headrails, that are used at the top of windows to give your window covering a uniform look, or conceal its operating system. Cornices do much the same, but are custom-built boxes, without backs, that are stained or painted to match blinds and shades

Installation Services
  • Our interior decorators know how to soften the sunlight and enhance your décor with beautiful window coverings.

    Call 1-800-HOME DEPOT or click here to learn more.


Measuring for Window Coverings

Always take proper measurements of the width, height and depth of your window openings before making a buying decision. Also decide if you plan to mount your window treatment inside or outside the window casing.



  • Measure the inside width of the window frame at the top, middle and bottom (for vertical blinds, only measure the top)
  • Record the narrowest width (do not make any deductions)


  • Measure the inside height of the window frame at the left, middle and right
  • Record the longest height to the nearest 1/8" (for verticals, use the shortest length)

If you want the blinds to not touch the window sill, deduct 1/4". If there is no sill, measure to where the blind is to reach.



  • Measure the outside width of the window frame
  • Add at least 3" for overlap (8" for verticals)
  • When deciding on width, consider how much overlap you would like to have


  • Measure from the sill to the position of the top of the shade
  • If there is no sill, measure to where the blind is to reach
  • Add at least 3" for overlap

For verticals, use the shortest length. Allow 3" above and below the window opening or moulding. For ceiling to floor, deduct 1/2" for carpet clearance.