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DIY Blanket Ladder

  1. Step 1 Cut Four 16-Inch Pieces

    Cut Four 16-Inch Pieces

    Measure and mark 16 inches on your 1 x 2-inch piece of lumber. Using a mitre box and saw, cut on your marked line at 90 degrees. Continue doing this until you have four 16-inch pieces cut.

  2. Step 2 Sand Away Rough Sections

    Sand Away Rough Sections

    Using a 120-grit sandpaper, sand away any rough sections. Clean any debris from the boards using a tack cloth, brush or vacuum.

  3. Step 3 Apply Chalk Paint to Ladder

    Apply Chalk Paint to Ladder

    Give your ladder a pop of colour using chalk paint on all four 16-inch lumber cuts. Pick the colour that’s right for you! Let dry.

  4. Step 4 Mark Your Lines

    Mark Your Lines

    Take one 6-foot 1 x 2-inch piece of lumber and measure and mark a line at one, two, three and four feet.

  5. Step 5 Add Wood Glue and Clamps

    Add Wood Glue and Clamps

    Align your four 16-inch pieces to the middle of each marked line. Add wood glue and clamp your board to the 1 x 2-inch board so that it creates a T-shape.

  6. Step 6 Pre-Drill Your Holes

    Pre-Drill Your Holes

    Using your pre-drill bit, pre-drill two holes through the side of your 1 x 2-inch lumber into the 16-inch long piece of 1 x 2-inch lumber. Pre-drilling your hole will ensure you avoid splitting your wood or breaking a screw when you’re ready to secure it.

    Optional: Use a #8 countersink to ensure your wood screw sits nice and flat against the wood surface.

  7. Step 7 Secure the Ladder Arm

    Secure the Ladder Arm

    Using a drill, secure the ladder arm to your 16-inch cross piece with a 3-inch wood screw. Continue these steps down your ladder until all four cross-pieces are attached. Flip the project over and repeat on the other side.

  8. Step 8 Add Wood Filler to Help Conceal Screws

    Add Wood Filler to Help Conceal Screws

    Add wood filler on top of your screws to help conceal them. Let wood filler dry and softly sand away any unnecessary areas.

  9. Step 9 Add a Wood Finish to Protect it and Make it Look Great

    Add a Wood Finish to Protect it and Make it Look Great

    Cover the entire ladder with wood finish. A finish will help to enhance the beauty of the natural wood and ensure the project stays scratch and stain resistant.

    Once all sides have been covered, let dry.

This article was published in partnership with DIY Danie.

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