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DIY Marbled Concrete Planters

  1. Step 1 Gather Materials


    Gather all materials. Lay down cardboard or old sheets to protect your working surface. An outdoor working location is recommended.

  2. Step 2 Measure & Mark Forming Tubes

    Foam tub.

    Decide how tall you want your planter to be. Using a ruler or measuring tape, mark this height around the full circumference of the 10” forming tube. On the 8” forming tube, mark at least 2” more than this height.

  3. Step 3 Cut Forming Tubes

    Person cutting foam tube.

    Using a compass saw, cut the 10” and 8” tubes where you marked them. This will leave you with two shorter tubes that will be used to create the mold for your planter.

  4. Step 4 Mark & Cut Circles

    Person cutting a circle.

    Trace one end of the 8” tube onto a flat sheet of cardboard to create a circle. Cut out the circle using scissors. Repeat with the 6” tube.

  5. Step 5 Close-off One End of Each Tube

    Close-off One End of Each Tube.

    Duct tape each cardboard circle to one end of its coinciding tube to create your inner and outer mold. While wearing gloves, use a rag to apply vegetable or motor oil to the outside of the smaller tube, and the inside of the larger tube for lubrication.

  6. Step 6 Mix Concrete

    Person mixing concrete.

    Using a shovel, add the concrete mix and water to a bucket using a ratio of 4-parts concrete to 1-part water. Thoroughly mix the concrete and water together until you achieve a uniform consistency similar to peanut butter. Add more water or concrete mix if necessary.

  7. Step 7 Separate Half & Add Dye

    Home Depot bucket.

    Separate half of the mixed concrete and set it aside. Prepare the concrete dye according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Slowly add the dye to one half of the concrete.

  8. Step 8 Sparingly Mix Dyed & Undyed Concrete

    Person mixing concrete.

    Mix the dyed and undyed concrete together sparingly. Be careful not to overmix or the marble effect will be lost.

  9. Step 9 Place 5cm of Concrete in Large Tube

    Pouring concrete into a tube.

    Scoop enough concrete into the bottom of the 10” tube to create a base layer about 5cm thick. Smooth and flatten the concrete.

  10. Step 10 Add Smaller Tube & Fill Outside With Concrete

    A tube inside a tube.

    Place the 6” tube inside of the 10” tube with the closed end down to create the mold for the planter. Fill the bottom of the 6” tube with stones to weigh it down. Keeping the inner tube centred in place, fill the 10” tube to the top with concrete. Tap around the outsides of the mold as you go to get rid of air pockets. Smooth the surface of the cement once the mold is full.

  11. Step 11 Let Dry 48 Hours

    Concrete drying.

    Allow to dry for at least 48 hours.

  12. Step 12 Cut & Remove Tubes

    Person removing tubes.

    Once the cement is completely dry, take out the stones and use a utility knife to carefully cut and remove the cardboard tubes.

  13. Step 13 Sand Outside Smooth

    Person spreading sand.

    Lightly sand the top and outside of the planter smooth.

  14. Step 14 Drill Drainage Hole

    Person drilling a hole into concrete.

    To create a hole for drainage, flip the planter over and drill through the bottom with a masonry bit.

  15. Step 15 Add Plants or Flowers


    Fill with soil and your favourite flowers or plants.

What You Need for This Project

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