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DIY Shiplap Fireplace Wall

Shiplap Fireplace Wall

Adding a shiplap fireplace wall to your home is a great way to bring warmth, comfort and style to your interior décor. Using some lumber, shiplap wainscot, and paint, you’ll be able to frame your fireplace insert and create a feature that’s sure to look beautiful in any room for years to come.

Skill Level: Intermediate
  1. Step 1 Build the Fireplace Frame

    Fireplace Frame

    Start by building a 2x4 frame and attaching it to the top and bottom of the wall with 3-inch screws. Consider how high you want the fireplace feature wall to sit off the ground and add height accordingly using extra lumber. Once your base and top are in place and secured, add vertical 2x4’s to attach them together, similar to how you would frame a new wall. Place 2x4’s on either side of the location of the fireplace insert as well as on top of it to frame it in. These studs will be what your shiplap will mount to. You can also add a piece of plywood underneath your fireplace insert for extra stability, just make sure to account for the extra height it adds. Once your frame is complete, grab your shiplap wainscot and get ready to attach it to the studs.

  2. Step 2 Attach Shiplap to the Frame

    Attaching Shiplap to the Frame

    Attach your bottom piece of shiplap and ensure that your floor is level, or account for that when cutting the angle of your shiplap. Some shiplap has a line on top where you nail through, to ensure you’re covering up each old layer with the new one on top of it. To avoid a tiny little piece of shiplap at the top, figure out how many full pieces it will take to get to the top, and what was left over, and then split the difference on the top and bottom piece. Continue adding pieces until you’ve got the whole fireplace accent wall covered.

  3. Step 3 Build the Fireplace Mantel

    a man building the fireplace mantel

    Once your shiplap wall is covered, you can add a DIY fireplace mantel. Build a small frame similar to the one you built for the top and bottom at the beginning of this project then attach it to the studs at the height you’d like. Then, using leftover trim or MDF, create a box shape that slides over the frame. Once it fits perfectly, add some wood glue to the inside, slide it over the frame and brad nail it in place to create a great looking and sturdy mantel. Use wood filler to fill in the holes if they’re noticeable.

  4. Step 4 Add Finishing Details

    finished look of the shiplap fireplace

    Add some trim around the bottom and top of the wall to tie it into your existing décor. Paint the wall the colour of your choosing and that’s it! You’ve created a great-looking fireplace feature wall using shiplap!

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