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Fall Décor Ideas For Your Porch

Add a touch of fall to your porch décor this season with our great fall decorating ideas, tips and projects, including wreaths, pumpkins, planters and more! We’ll show you the perfect products to get you started and give you some simple projects and ideas to help make the most out of your porch space this fall.

Fall décor around a front door.

Focus on a Gorgeous Fall-Themed Wreath

Beautiful fall-themed wreaths are a great way to accentuate your front door or entryway. Orange, white and yellow leaves can be combined with ornate pumpkins and other plants and brush to make a wreath that is both welcoming and gorgeous.

Painted pumpkins.

Customize your Décor by Painting Pumpkins

Pumpkins can be painted and designed in an almost unlimited variety of ways, making them the perfect accessory to go with your fall porch décor. Metallic paint, chalk paint, markers and stencils can be used to make your pumpkins a focal point that is sure to impress your guests.

Stacked decorative pumpkins.

Stack Decorative Pumpkins

Stack smaller pumpkins next to live pumpkins to create a layered fall look. Find different coloured pumpkins and layer them in a gradient design for optimal effect. You can also place them on their own or within a larger display, depending on the size of your space.

Flowers in a pumpkin planter.

Make Pumpkin Planters

Place a clay pot inside a hollowed-out pumpkin to create a pumpkin planter to showcase flowers like pansies or any other beautiful fall coloured plants. It’s an easy and fun container project that is sure to add colour and flare to your fall porch display.

Bench flower display.

Make a Fall Bench Display

Use the existing furniture on your porch to create a beautiful fall retreat. Use coloured plush pillows, throws and other fall home décor to add a cozy fall look and transform your hanging swing or bench, and use pumpkins, wreaths and other vintage items to finish the look.

Fall décor around a front door.

Go Big on Fall Decorations

One of the best ways to create a wonderful fall porch is to just decorate it with a variety of fall and Thanksgiving decorations. Go with a combination of the items and projects listed above – pumpkins, throws, wreaths and more are sure to give you a look you’ll love.

Scarecrow with a pumpkin head.

Feature your Own Scarecrow

Building a scarecrow is a great DIY or family activity. Start by filling old clothes with leaves to give them shape, and fit them together to form the body. Finish with a pumpkin or even a balloon for a head. You can carve the pumpkin or use markers and paint to create the perfect face and bring your scarecrow to life. Top it with a hat and you’re done!

Pumpkins and flowers on a hay stack.

Create a Harvest Arrangement

A harvest décor theme can be achieved using plants that grow around the fall. Use large corn stalks as a great eye-catching piece and couple them with pumpkins, flowers and other gourds to really get that harvest season feel. Adding lanterns and wooden features can also help finish the look.

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