How to Build a Desk

How to Build a Desk

Expand your office workspace with a new desk. When you build your own simple wood desk you have the opportunity to choose the size and finish that work best for you and your space.

Skill Level: Expert
  1. Step 1 Measure


    From two 4" x 8" sheets of MDF (medium density fibreboard) cut a 28 ½" x 58 ½" piece for the top; rip six 4 1/8" wide lengths for the legs; and rip two 4" wide lengths for the apron.

  2. Step 2 To Make The Legs

    To Make The Legs

    Apply carpenter's glue to 2 of your 4 1/8" lengths and clamp. Then do the same with the other four pieces. Let dry overnight.

  3. Step 3 To Construct The Box

    To construct the box that will serve as the legs you'll need to trim the laminated pieces to a width of 4" and cut four 28 ½" and four 29 ¼" lengths.

  4. Step 4 Assemble The Legs

    Assemble The Legs

    Assemble the legs into a square using two 28 ½" and two 29 ½" pieces. Glue and screw together using 3" #8 woodscrews.

  5. Step 5 To Make The Apron

    To Make The Apron

    Mitre your 4" rips at 45° and wrap the desktop. Glue and nail using 1 ¼" 18-gauge brad nails.

  6. Step 6 Glue And Screw The Legs

    Glue And Screw The Legs

    Glue and screw the legs to the desktop through the apron, using 1 ½" #8 woodscrews.

  7. Step 7 Fill, Sand

    Fill, Sand

    Prime and paint with two coats, lightly sanding between.

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