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How to Cover Dark Paint on Walls

Bright living room with deep red walls

Dark coloured walls can be brightened with a lighter colour paint, but there are a few things you should consider before jumping into this project. A primer or base coat is necessary to completely cover the darker colour and really make your wall look great. Follow these simple tips to get the most out of your new paint job.    

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. Step 1 Choose Your Paint and Primer

    Behr Marquee one-coat hide guaranteed lasting beauty and durability paint and primer

    For some of the best paint to cover dark walls, try an all-in-one Primer and Sealer tinted in a light grey. Colours like Seagull Grey or Ultra Pure White in the Behr Marquee are great choices. For a warmer white, look for Behr’s Polar Bear Tint, for a cooler white, go with Behr’s White.    

  2. Step 2 Paint the Walls with the Tinted Primer

    Woman painting a lighter colour onto a darker wall with a roller

    Next, paint over the dark wall or walls with the tinted primer. This lays a base layer over the darker paint below, giving the top colour a more flat, neutral base, allowing it to look as intended once dry. Depending on how dark the paint, you may need to do two coats. 

  3. Step 3 Paint Two Coats of the Behr Marquee White Over the Primer

    Two children on a couch in a bright, white living room

    Finally, paint two coats of the Behr Marquee White over the primer. When covering dark paint, the primer will allow the white to go on evenly and maintain its correct colour without being deepened by the darker wall underneath.    

This article was published in partnership with The Wild Decoelis.

What You Need for This Project

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