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How to Make a Wooden Canadian Flag

  1. Step 1 Gather Materials

    Gather Materials

    Gather your materials.

  2. Step 2 Lay Your Cut-out and Trace

    Lay Your Cut-out and Trace

    Lay your maple leaf cut-out on the ¼ inch thick piece of plywood and trace directly on the board with a pencil.

  3. Step 3 Cut Maple Leaf With Jigsaw

    Cut Maple Leaf With Jigsaw

    Securely clamp your plywood to a table or sawhorse and cut the maple leaf with a jig saw.

  4. Step 4 Stain Maple Leaf

    Stain Maple Leaf

    Stain red and let dry.

  5. Step 5 Tape Board

    Tape Board

    Meanwhile, take your 24 x 48 board and lay a vertical line of masking tape 12 inches from the left edge, top to bottom. Double up to avoid seepage. Repeat this step on the right side, leaving a 24-inch gap in the middle of the board.

  6. Step 6 Stain Left and Right Sides

    Stain Left and Right Sides

    Using a rag and brush, apply a coat of your red stain to both the left and right sides, leaving the middle section untouched.

  7. Step 7 Remove Tape

    Remove Tape

    Once the red stain is dry, remove masking tape. If stain seeped under, sand the edges to blend with the unfinished portion.

  8. Step 8 Stain Middle Portion

    Stain Middle Portion

    Next, apply your white stain to the unfinished middle portion of the wood with a brush and rag, being careful not to overlap with red portions.

  9. Step 9 Glue Maple Leaf to Board

    Glue Maple Leaf to Board

    Once the white stain has completely dried, take your wooden maple leaf and evenly cover the entire back with wood glue. Then glue the maple leaf directly in the middle of your 24 x 48 board.

  10. Step 10 Let Glue Dry

    Let Glue Dry

    Allow time for the wood glue to dry completely.

  11. Step 11 Hang on Wall

    Hang on Wall

    That’s it! You can now hang it on your wall and enjoy your new wooden Canadian flag!

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