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What Is Chalk Paint & Why Use it?

Chalk paint is a favourite among DIY enthusiasts because it covers almost any surface with little prep and can be sanded to provide a great, antique look and feel. If you’re looking to refinish a piece in your home, we’ll help you understand if chalk paint is right for your project, let you know what chalk paint is and give you some tips on the best ways to use it to get stunning results.

What You Need to Know About Chalk Paint

Chalk paint isn’t like normal paint. It doesn’t require any prep work like priming, sanding or stripping as it can be painted over practically any surface that isn’t metal (glossy surfaces may be a problem as well). It’s thicker than standard paint so it usually only requires one or two coats to completely cover a surface. Because it’s thicker, it can hide imperfections easier than most paints which makes it a favourite for DIY projects. It’s also a latex-based paint so you can clean up using just soap and water, and it is less likely to drip thanks to its consistency. There are lots of chalk paint colours, so you’ll always find the perfect paint for your project.

Why Use Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint not only goes on easily, it is also easily distressed. While most paints will break or tear when sanded, chalk paint wears away, giving an antique look, or revealing the colour underneath. It is also very forgiving, and often looks better when you’ve got some visible brush strokes or areas where the paint isn’t covering enough. This allows you to experiment with different chalk paint ideas, colour options and styles, to really create a unique and striking piece that will shine in your home.

When to Use Chalk Paint?

There are lots of fun options for chalk paint projects. Chalk paint is primarily used for refinishing furniture, cabinets, tables and more. The matte-finish is a hot trend right now and it can be sanded or distressed as you see fit. Use it to refresh your old furniture or funky garage sale finds. You can even use it on wicker to refresh patio furniture or other items. It can also be used to create lettering, as the thickness of the paint helps it not seep underneath stencils as much as regular paint would. It’s an extremely versatile paint that can be used in a variety of scenarios.

Chalk Paint Before and After

Check out some great before and after shots below to see how chalk paint can elevate your next DIY project.

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