Types of HVAC Systems & Troubleshooting

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What does “HVAC” stand for? It’s an acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and it’s an essential component of any home. In Canada, most homes use forced-air HVAC systems that deliver warm or cool air from a central heating and/or cooling unit to the rest of the home through a series of air ducts. Each HVAC system has its own advantages depending on overall efficiency, your local climate and whether it will serve all or part of your home.

Which Kind of System is Right For You?

Gas Furnace 
Installation Options

A high-efficiency gas furnace installation from The Home Depot delivers superior comfort to your home during colder months while saving you money.

Central Air Conditioning 
Installation Options

A central air conditioning installation from The Home Depot will keep your home cool and control humidity during warmer months.  

Central Heat Pumps 
Installation Options

A central heat pump installation from The Home Depot offers year-round comfort and excellent energy efficiency to lower your utility bill.

Ductless Systems
Installation Options

A ductless mini-split installation from The Home Depot delivers class-leading comfort and efficiency for smaller spaces, without the need for ductwork.    

High Efficiency Means Long-Term Benefits

When investing in a new, high-efficiency HVAC unit, like a furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump, it’s important to consider the costs of upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment from a long-term perspective.

Save on Utility Bills
Chances are, by the time you’re looking to replace your home heating and cooling system, it’s at least 10 years old. This means there have been significant improvements in energy efficiency since your existing unit was purchased.

Save Further with Other Upgrades
Consider additional improvements, such as upgrading to a smart thermostat or even sealing leaks in your ductwork. These can help your new HVAC system save you money each month.

Look for Rebates and Offers

Governments, utilities and manufacturers sometimes have rebates or other offers on high-efficiency products as an incentive to reduce home energy usage. Ask a Home Depot Installer and visit The Home Depot’s Promotions & Offers to see what’s available in your area.

5 Simple Home HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

Nobody wants to be left scrambling to find a heating or air conditioning repair person in the peak of summer or the dead of winter. Here are some simple HVAC troubleshoots to try before making the call.

1 Check Switches and Breakers

  • Check the furnace on/off switch
  • Check the circuit breakers to make sure they’re on
  • Make sure the front cover of your furnace is securely shut. Some units won’t run unless the cover is secured

2 Check your Thermostat

  • If your HVAC system stops working, it could be the thermostat is either not programmed to your desired temperature – or perhaps not even set to run at all
  • Make sure your system is set to “heat” or “cool”, and that the set temperature is high or low enough to trigger the system to turn on

3 Replace your Dirty Air Filter

  • A dirty air filter makes it harder for air to circulate through your HVAC system and may even prevent it from operating
  • Replacement air filters are affordable and easy to install yourself. They should be replaced every 3-4 months

4 Check your Humidifier Settings

  • If humidity is too high or too low, your humidifier may not be working properly
  • Check the humidistat settings. It should be switched off in summer
  • Check the humidifier damper switch is set to “Summer” (closed) or “Winter” (open), depending on the season

5 Check your Ductwork and Air Registers

  • Leaky ductwork makes it harder for your HVAC system to distribute air effectively
  • Blocked or closed air vents can cut off entire rooms from air circulation, while vents left open in unused rooms can divert the air away from where it is needed.
  • Sealing gaps in ductwork and adjusting air vents can significantly improve airflow in your home    

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